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GTMhub, a worldwide leader in Goal, Objective, and Key Result (OKR) tracking and goal-setting process automation platform, announced that it raised $120M in funding to expand its automatic OKR-tracking platform.

This is a huge investment in the potential of using goal-setting and tracking technology to increase productivity and efficiency.

This article will introduce the benefits of the GTMhub’s automatic OKR-tracking platform.

Overview of GTMhub

GTMhub provides organizations with a comprehensive automatic OKR-tracking platform that enables teams to track and measure their overall performance. Designed to make measuring results, reaching objectives and gauging progress simpler, the cloud-based platform has the potential to revolutionize the way teams work together.

The platform offers organizations an integrated view of goals and tasks across multiple departments and teams with projects running simultaneously. This means you can always be on top of where your team is at and how far they have come towards reaching a particular goal. GTMhub also has tools for managing objectives, aligning activities to those objectives, tracking progress towards milestones, monitoring quality standards and giving employees feedback on the results.

To effectively manage internal processes and staff performance, GTMhub utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms which act as a personal assistant for tracking goals by automatically suggesting tasks based on past behavior, linking activities from project management software, monitoring workflow conditions such as due dates or budget thresholds, disseminating prompt reminders when tasks are about to be overdue or neglectedand creating reports for stakeholders for them to review team performance.

GTMhub’s ultimate aim is to help teams take their performance to the next level by providing them with an all-inclusive solution that will provide data-driven insights into their current state of operations while enabling them to better plan future actions which will drive business growth and profitability over time.

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Overview of OKR-tracking platform

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) tracking is an intentional and collaborative process that teams use to set, measure, and achieve their most important long-term goals. It helps organizations define objectives, determine key results to get there, and set smaller milestones as they progress. GTMhub is one of the leading solutions for companies looking to automate this process efficiently.

GTMhub’s OKR-tracking platform provides visibility amongst teams that fosters alignment towards strategic business goals. It allows users to map out corporate objectives and easily track individual team member objectives, monitoring their progress throughout the process. This can help create a focal point across all departments so employees have a strong sense of what needs to be accomplished for the organization to reach its goals.

The platform also equips teams with important features such as OKR dependencies so they can more easily identify needed areas of collaboration, ensure tasks are assigned properly, and understand how each team’s work links into the bigger picture at any given time. Additionally, reporting dashboards are available so users can visualize real-time updates on how everyone is progressing towards their objectives with actionable insight on what needs attention next. With all these features in mind it’s no surprise many companies are turning to GTMhub regarding OKR tracking automation.

GTMhub’s Automatic OKR-tracking Platform

GTMhub has recently raised $120M to expand its automatic OKR-tracking platform. This platform helps organizations track their Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) and monitor progress and performance.

In this article, we will explore the potential of GTMhub’s automatic OKR-tracking platform and how it can help organizations achieve their goals.

gtmhub 120m index ventures 160mwilhelmtechcrunch

How the platform works

GTMhub is an OKR-tracking platform that automates tracking and managing objectives, key results, and all related tasks. It integrates with various productivity tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and more to ensure that departments have visibility into the progress of all their goals and objectives. This makes it easier for organizations to measure success in any given period and adjust accordingly.

The platform provides a complete suite of features that enable teams to effectively track performance in line with organizational goals and objectives. Through effortless forecasting, flexible OKR structure adjustments, file attachments, and powerful customizations it simplifies the OKR management experience for everyone involved in a project or initiative’s goal achievement.

Additionally, with its real-time collaboration features such as comments, tags & mentions along with reports designed to show organizational performance at both the team and individual level; GTMhub provides an actionable way for users to stay informed throughout their business journey. Ultimately, this allows managers to quickly identify areas of improvement while rewarding top performers accurately based on actual performances achieved through effective goal setting.

Benefits of using the platform

GTMhub’s automatic OKR-tracking platform is designed to reduce the manual process of tracking key performance metrics and Objectives & Key Results (OKRs). This cloud-based system increases visibility of KPIs, goal progress and success rate across an organization.

The platform allows team members at any level to have insight into their individual and team performance, inspiring collaboration among teams to reach organizational objectives. With the platform, goals can be tracked easily and operations more efficiently. Here are some other benefits of using GTMhub:

  • Improves visibility into top-priority initiatives: GTMhub gives users a more comprehensive view of their organization’s progress towards organizational objectives—allowing for easier resource allocation and improved decision making.
  • Automates reporting processes: The platform automates the process of creating reports which in turn facilitates faster analysis. Additionally, users can access their data on demand, meaning they don’t need to wait until the end of a timeframe to get results.
  • Improves communication amongst team members: GTMhub encourages communication between teams through its transparency methods in which everyone has access to up-to-date goal progress. This allows for more focused discussions that facilitate greater understanding amongst team members.

While there are many benefits of using GTMhub’s automatic Objective & Key Result tracking systems, the most significant is increased visibility into performance progress that can be used across an entire organization to surpass company objectives with better efficiency then ever before!

gtmhub 120m series index 160mwilhelmtechcrunch

GTMhub’s Expansion

GTMhub recently raised $120M to expand its automatic OKR-tracking platform, making it one of the most popular and successful OKR-tracking platforms available. This investment further highlights the potential of GTMhub and its automated platform.

With this expanded platform, the possibilities for OKRs tracking are nearly limitless. Let’s examine how this expansion could help your team reach their full potential.

Raising of $120M for expansion

GTMhub, the San Francisco-based developer of an automatic OKR-tracking platform, recently raised $120 million in a series C round of funding. This latest injection of capital will be used to expand their already successful product suite and help to further their mission of becoming the go-to enterprise solution for ongoing goal setting.

The new funds will continue growing GTMhub’s offering and improving in four core areas: personnel, product furtherance, research & development, and geographic contexts. With this additional injection of capital, GTMhub looks forward to unleash the full potential of its automatic OKR platform.

The company plans to hire additional software engineers and data scientists focusing on increasing the scalability and range of the core product suite. Also on the agenda is expanding their client list from mainly large corporate enterprises to smaller businesses and working to improve its international reach. GTMhub also plans on investing heavily in research & development initiatives which aim at reinforcing the robustness and reliability of its core products while introducing new features that cater towards more nuanced needs within personalized customer journeys.

Overall, this series C funding injection marks a significant milestone in GTMhub’s journey towards affirming its place as an agile powerhouse regarding automated goal setting within enterprises worldwide.

Plans for expansion

GTMhub recognizes the importance of booming software development, and is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for enabling organizations of all sizes to become smarter about their workflow processes. To support the growth of team collaboration and agility, GTMhub has centered its expansion efforts on two main areas: automatic OKR-tracking and performance management.

The goal of GTMhub’s automatic OKR-tracking platform is to make it easier for teams to stay focused and aligned with their objectives by automating the tracking and reporting of OKRs (Objectives & Key Results). GTMhub’s platform helps capture data from any source, including spreadsheets, calendars, Google Analytics, Slack messages, Salesforce fields, etc., which can then be used for high-level tracking and reporting.

GTMhub has also committed to providing a comprehensive performance management solution encompassing goal-setting and feedback analysis. From peer reviews and 360 feedback tools to advanced analytics boards such as Organization Insights feature among others – users can use data-driven reports at all levels – teams, KPIs or company’s overall health. This provides businesses with the ability to take actionable steps towards improving their productivity measurements while empowering their employees.

The company is expanding its operations to tap into new markets across Europe and Asia Pacific regions so that more customers can reap the full potential of its user-friendly platform – both manual/automated goal tracking & analytics and performance management services. The move will enable organizations worldwide to maximize efficiency in terms of collaboration, transparency within teams and deliver breakthrough performance results globally!


Gtmhub’s automatic OKR-tracking platform has the potential to revolutionize goal setting, tracking and measurement for both individuals and organizations. It provides valuable insights and analytics that can be used to improve performance and better manage resources.

With the recent $120M investment, Gtmhub is poised to become a leader in this space and continue to expand its reach and offerings.

In this article, we will discuss the potential of Gtmhub’s platform and what it could mean for businesses.

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