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The Company provides technology to help warehouses increase efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. Our cutting-edge software applications are equipped with innovative features such as real-time tracking, optimized route mapping and scheduling, voice-controlled labour management tools, automated operations control, inventory forecasting tools and stock rotation optimization.

We provide tailor made solutions for any company’s logistics requirements by focusing on their specific needs and the data exchange process between various departments; thereby helping to create a synchronized working environment for all. With the help of our cloud-based warehouse solution our clients can access their storage facilities from any point of the world with just their cellphone device.

We utilize advanced machine learning capabilities and cloud computing technologies to deliver superior performance with significant savings in time. We understand that each warehouse setting has its own set of unique challenges which is why we focus on providing tailored services that drive greater efficiency and cost saving results without compromising quality or safety standards.

Plus One Robotics Overview

Plus One Robotics is a leading provider of advanced robotics solutions for the warehouse automation industry. Founded in 2018, Plus One Robotics has quickly gained traction in the market by providing innovative solutions to automate warehouse operations. The company specializes in implementing Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) systems to help warehouses to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Plus One Robotics recently raised $33 million in its Series B funding round to fuel further expansion. Let’s take a closer look at Plus One Robotics and the advantages of their technology.

Company background

Plus One Robotics is a startup based in San Francisco, California that provides autonomous robots and intelligent automation solutions to improve warehouse efficiency and accuracy. The company was founded in 2017 by Magnus Ewerbring and Håkan Smith, two robotics engineers with a combined 30 years’ experience developing artificial intelligence-based robotic systems for industry.

Plus One Robotics provides an automating platform for warehouses with advanced capabilities such as automatic palletizing, sorting, labeling, calibration and track-and-trace. The system enables faster speed and accuracy with fewer employees resulting in increased profitability for companies. This allows firms to expand the order cycle time of their operations, build once capacity for multiple channels and reduce fixed costs associated with additional working personnel.

The platform uses three core technologies that make it possible: vision recognition, motion planning and 3D modelling. Additionally, the software is designed to learn from its environment to self-adjust as needed when dealing with different products or tasks. Plus One Robotics’ core hardware are robots built with major robotics suppliers such as Fetch Robotics, Universal Robots or Magazino GmbH. The robots can navigate areas autonomously while picking up items efficiently thanks to the firm’s custom software algorithms embedded into its core components.

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Product offerings

Plus One Robotics provides industry-leading products and solutions that enable warehouse automation in today’s eCommerce-driven world. Our core technology is item recognition and robotic gripping, which allow robots to easily recognize, find and pick items with high accuracy and speed. We also offer supporting products and services such as integrated vision systems, motion control software, warehouse work management solutions and integration services.

Our product offerings are designed to provide cost-effective solutions for automating warehouses that employ minimum wage workers. We understand the challenges of deploying automation within these operating environments, including the need for reliable operation at a low initial cost of ownership. With our extensive knowledge of robot engineering and deep experience in item recognition technology, Plus One Robotics offers flexible solutions for companies seeking to automate various operations within their warehouse environment.

Our item recognition technology is further applied in sorting applications where goods are classified into bins or workcells based on predetermined criteria or ranges such as size or accuracy. Our intelligent robotic gripping solutions quickly locate goods on shelves at any angle with high precision. This comprehensive sensing capability allows goods to be placed accurately in desired locations even when folded flat or otherwise obscured by other goods on the shelf. Through our joint development partnership with global OEMs, we can provide tailored design services that include application consulting, engineering support and training & documentation services to help ensure successful deployment of your solution.

Benefits of Plus One Robotics

Plus One Robotics is a technology company that specializes in robotics applications for warehouse solutions. Its mission is to make automation technology accessible and easy to use in warehouses. This company is revolutionizing the way warehouses can improve their efficiency and accuracy through the use of state-of-the-art robotics.

Plus One Robotics has just raised $33 million to fuel its expansion plans and bring automation solutions to more warehouses. In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of Plus One Robotics and why warehouses should consider investing in its technology.

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Increased efficiency

Plus One Robotics’ industry-leading autonomous mobile robot (AMR) technology helps warehouses to improve efficiency and accuracy. This technology has been engineered to increase the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of warehouse operations. It is capable of smoothly integrating with warehouse inventory management systems, allowing it to accurately identify and pick products with exceptional speed while keeping the organizational integrity of each item intact.

Plus One Robotics’ AMR solution has been developed to help streamline inventory management by using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision, and robotic control systems. By implementing a robotic workforce in critical supply chain processes, warehouses can achieve higher levels of picking accuracy without sacrificing speed or agility. In addition to this, AMR-enabled robots can easily handle repetitive tasks and navigate complex pathways in busy warehouses with zero human intervention required.

Moreover, Plus One Robotics’ AMRs are designed for maximum flexibility so that they can be quickly deployed or reconfigured for different applications. With its efficient staff allocation and advanced control capabilities, Plus One Robotics’ solutions reduce costs associated with labor and maintenance while boosting overall distribution center performance up to ten times faster than traditional sorting techniques. Plus One Robotics’ solutions help allow companies not only improve picking accuracy but also ensure greater safety in their warehouse environment by eliminating physical threats posed by long hours of manual labor during busy periods or unexpected peaks of customer demands.

Improved accuracy

Plus One Robotics provides technology designed to help warehouses maintain greater accuracy. The company’s vision-guided robotics system helps its customers in two ways: by automating the process of putting away products, and by providing continual inventory counting.

The automated process of putting away products eliminates human error associated with manual processes. Plus One Robotics’ vision-guided system scans each item as it comes in and then locates its designated location in the warehouse. The robots travel quickly between shelves and racks, sorting through items and taking them to their proper places without any manual help. This saves time and allows for more accurate stocking of items.

The vision-guided robot can also continually count inventory in real-time, ensuring that all items are present before completing each task. This feature reduces the need for manual counts prone to human errors, providing an accurate picture of a warehouse’s stock at all times.

In addition to improved accuracy, Plus One Robotics’ technology also helps businesses save on operational/labor costs due to its autonomous status. With this solution, businesses no longer have to spend resources on hiring staff for menial tasks like picking or stocking tasks that can now be handled by robots without requiring any additional support or supervision.

Cost savings

Plus One Robotics’ revolutionary vision-guided bin picking technology can improve operational efficiency and accuracy, resulting in significant cost savings. Using machine vision, our solutions identify and pick items from bins based on weight, shape and size regardless of location or orientation.

Our solutions can significantly reduce the cost of defects by enabling precise picking with quick cycle times. The high-efficiency pick rate eliminates human labor to find and select items and the risk of incorrect items being shipped to your customers.

Plus One Robotics can also help reduce fixed labor costs by taking advantage of fewer staff members per task. Our keen perception capabilities allow robots to work in a 24/7 cycle which increases production throughput while decreasing the costs associated with large staff numbers. Furthermore, our intelligent robotic technology creates a safer workplace by using automation systems instead of having personnel working in hazardous locations that could potentially lead to costly safety hazards such as slips or falls on the job.

The wide range of options Plus One Robotics offers pays for itself quickly through improved productivity and accuracy, reducing labor costs associated with bin picking and palletizing tasks dramatically compared to manual methods for these tasks — providing warehouses an unparalleled return on investment (ROI).

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Expansion Plans

Plus One Robotics has just raised $33 million to help with its expansion plans. The company specializes in the development of automated robotics for the warehousing industry. This technology is designed to help automate the mundane tasks that warehouses rely on in order to improve efficiency, accuracy, and cost-savings.

Let’s take a look at the company’s expansion plans for the upcoming years.

Raising $33 million

As part of the company’s overall strategy, we are aiming to raise $33 million through a series of equity investment and debt financing. This capital infusion will enable us to embark on our next major growth phase.

To this end, we plan to secure additional equity investors and IPO in the near future. Depending on market conditions, our Board may opt for a direct listing instead of a traditional IPO process. We are also actively exploring opportunities to secure bridge loans, senior notes, syndicated loans, and other forms of debt financing with lenders and venture capital firms.

We will be issuing an initial tranche of 1,500 shares at a fixed price and allocating another 1,500 shares to potential investors who meet our set criteria. A majority of these new shares will be directed towards strategic partners who have promised their continued support in the form of financial backing and access to networks.

The successful closure of this funding round alongside revenue growth from existing operations is expected to position the company in a stronger financial situation with added flexibility across operations. Upon completion of the fundraising process, management will evaluate how best to deploy these funds given current market conditions in order to ensure optimal returns for shareholders and maximize long-term value for Organization.

Expansion into new markets

As a company that has seen rapid growth and success in its original markets, we are now looking to extend our reach and expand into new markets. We believe that our technology can provide warehouses with the tools they need to ensure improved efficiency, accuracy and success.

With this in mind, we are carefully researching potential new markets to identify the most beneficial areas for expansion. Through our analysis of the industry landscape, we have identified a number of countries that would be most ripe for successful expansion into. These include countries in Europe and Asia as well as nearby African countries.

To ensure that we can meet the specific needs of each market, we plan to partner with local companies who understand the inner workings of these local markets and who share our vision for efficient warehouse management.

We believe that by expanding into new markets with an experienced local partner, we can gain a foothold quickly while also ensuring customer satisfaction through increased customer support capabilities. We are confident that through this strategy, more warehouses around the globe will be able to take advantage of our technology and reap the rewards from improved accuracy, efficiency and overall results.


In conclusion, the company’s cutting-edge technology offers warehouses a solution to improve their efficiency and accuracy by combining robotic automation with advanced software. By consolidating inventory and streamlining operations, warehouses can save time and money while providing their customers with better service.

The company’s automated warehouse solutions are also designed to be energy-efficient, reducing environmental impact while increasing sustainability. Automation can also reduce workplace risks by decreasing employee exposure to hazardous materials and eliminating repetitive motions which can suffer from strain injuries.

Ultimately, the use of this technology has the potential to revolutionize warehouse management and its associated process while creating an environment of improved safety, quality, accuracy, and efficiency.

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