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Gtmhub, a leading OKR (Objectives and Key Results) platform, announced a record-breaking $120 million Series C funding round. The round was led by ICONIQ Capital, with participation from additional high-profile investors such as Founders Fund, Next47, and Insight Partners. This marks the largest ever investment in an OKR platform to date and is a testament to the growing popularity of OKR technology.

Let’s take a closer look at the platform and the details of the funding round.

Overview of Gtmhub

Gtmhub is an OKR (Objectives and Key Results) platform designed to help businesses measure the success of their teams and departments, set targets and track those goals. The platform can break down objectives into individual goals and track progress. Gtmhub enables managers to share their vision with teams, align on objectives, identify insider success stories, measure team performance and know who needs extra support to reach the desired goal.

Gtmhub was initially developed at an entrepreneurs’ bootcamp in 2016 with a focus on helping organizations bridge the gap between strategy execution and successful outcomes. It is now being used by companies worldwide as a powerful tool for improving employee engagement, setting ambitious but achievable goals, reviewing progress towards those goals and keeping everyone motivated towards ultimate success.

Recently Gtmhub closed a $120M Series C funding round – the largest investment ever made in enterprise OKR software – indicating significant demand for this type of solution in businesses across numerous sectors. With this funding they are taking steps towards further product innovation by investing more heavily in Artificial Intelligence capabilities that will better help customers track progress at scale while gaining insights into organization-wide objective results.

Overview of the $120M Series C Funding

The $120 million Series C funding round for the OKR platform has been one of the biggest investments ever made in an enterprise software company and has been seen as a major milestone in their growth. This brings their total investment to a staggering $230 million from several top-tier venture capital firms and industry experts.

The funds will be used to accelerate product development and expand their team of experts worldwide, helping to build on the platform’s foundation in objective-setting, goal management and employee performance tracking. OKR also strengthens customer engagement with artificial intelligence, providing insights into organizational performance by analyzing historic data trends and market conditions.

This groundbreaking funding round marks a new era of success for the OKR platform, allowing them to continue strengthening its technology offerings while reinforcing customer confidence in its products. The $120M will power growth toward becoming an essential tool that helps businesses everywhere stay productive, organized, efficient and successful.

denverbased gtmhub series index 160mwilhelmtechcrunch

What is OKR?

OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results, a popular goal-setting methodology used by companies of all sizes. OKR is known for its ability to help align teams and departments to track progress and performance.

Recently, Gtmhub, a leading OKR platform, announced a record-breaking $120M Series C funding round, showcasing the platform’s potential for success.

In this article, we’ll discuss some key benefits of using OKR platforms.

Definition of OKR

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is an organizational performance platform that establishes objectives, goals, and measurable key results to track organizational progress. It is intended as a strategic process that provides alignment, direction, and engagement for companies to achieve maximum performance.

The OKR framework was first introduced in the 1970s by Andy Grove, co-founder of Intel. Since then it has become popular among other tech giants such as Google, Airbnb and Twitter due to its focus on goal setting. Unlike other strategies such as KPIs (key performance indicator), OKRs are not about optimizing for a few isolated metrics but converging people around a common purpose.

OKRs consist of two parts: Objectives that define the overall goal and Key Results that measure progress towards these goals. The Objectives should be clear-cut mission-oriented statements while the Key Results are specific outcomes to monitor as you reach your goal. When setting Objectives they must be meaningful and realistic given current resources available to stay motivated during execution phase. It is also important not to cluster too many results into one Objective so you can adequately set measurable goals when creating key results. Ideally each objective should have at least three-four key results associated with it so you can have adequate feedback on whether or not you have reached your target.

Benefits of OKR

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are a framework used to align organizational goals with individual performance, making it easy for companies of all sizes — from small start-ups to large, multinational corporations — to create measurable objectives and track progress. Companies benefit from the implementation of successful OKRs with improved communication between teams and departments, better overall objectives alignment and company vision, clearer performance tracking, as well as an increased focus on employee engagement and alignment.

OKR works because it encourages collaboration by connecting everyone’s goals within the organization. It allows teams to align their work in small-scale goal setting projects while keeping the big picture in mind. With OKR, your employees can easily understand what they need to do to contribute toward organizational growth and success.

In addition to its collaborative nature, OKR offers several benefits such as creating an environment for transparent goal setting that cross-cuts boundaries between departments; creating ownership through clearly defined KPIs; increased year-on-year goal setting; feedback loops that support focused time management; visibility into success metrics over time; recognition through rewards programs; improved team morale from shared successes; more clarity around priority tasks; faster learning cycles; improved budget control; streamlining processes for efficiency gains throughout the organization.

By effectively using OKR solutions like those offered by the recently funded company XYZ Consulting Solutions Inc., you can bring your organization closer together than ever before.

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Gtmhub’s OKR Platform

Gtmhub, a leading performance management platform, recently announced its $120M Series C funding round, a record-breaking amount for an OKR platform. This funding round is a testament to their success in the market and will help them continue to develop the best OKR platform to meet the needs of their customers.

Let’s examine what makes Gtmhub’s OKR platform so popular.

Features and Benefits

Gtmhub’s OKR (Objectives and Key Results) Platform offers a range of features and benefits designed to help organizations align their teams, set measurable benchmarks, and track performance.

Features: -Visual reporting and insights: Visualize your team’s performance with clear graphs and stylish dashboards. Drill down on company-wide trends to identify patterns in time frames. -Real-time notifications: Get informed about new updates with automated notifications about deadlines, milestones, and goal tracking. -Customizable templates: Create comprehensive objectives and extendable progress reports using custom Gtmhub templates. -Actionable triggers: Set up protocols that automatically alert individuals when assigned goals or objectives they need to complete. -Integration with external tools: Sync Gtmhub with third-party software like Salesforce or Slack for useful real time insights into key performance indicators (KPIs). -Goal Setting Wizard: Use a guided questionnaire to craft precise objectives quickly and easily. Make them ready to share within minutes of setting them up!.

Benefits: Gtmhub’s OKR platform provides companies of any size with the tools they need to achieve their goals quickly, meaningfully, and confidently. Not only do objectives become visible throughout the entire organization but also everyone knows exactly how well their team is performing against meaningful benchmarks – at any given moment in time. Furthermore, businesses can rest easy knowing that Gtmhub helps limit human error and monitor KPIs in real time for accuracy; measure progress against timelines without sacrificing speed; create actionable triggers for employees so that tasks are carried out on schedule; access detailed reports that reveal trends before problems arise; empower data driven decision making from anywhere; operate with 100% transparency ; connect multiple departments across the company; prioritize tasks based on company vision; align goals throughout entire organizations based on values; save money by tracking progress without additional overhead costs associated with manual processes.

Use Cases

Gtmhub’s OKR platform is an advanced solution for organizations to measure and manage their objectives, key results, and the outcomes of their initiatives. The platform enables managers to define their SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely) objectives, link these objectives to outcomes that are tracked using key results and indicators, provide dynamic visualization tools to quickly assess progress against goals in real-time and help team executes initiatives faster.

Gtmhub’s OKR platform can be used across various industries such as tech, healthcare, finance and governmental organizations to set specific business goals; measure progress; strategically align teams; collaborate better; increase visibility into performance outcomes and ultimately increase operational efficiency.

The following use cases highlight some of the main applications of Gtmhub’s OKR platform:

-Objective & Measurement: Gtmhub’s OKR platform allows users to define different types of objectives from short-term tactical goals to long-term strategic ones with quantifiable key results that can be tracked over time. This feature provides users with the ability to create accurate forecasts about desired outcomes that can be visualized in dashboards for better decision-making.

-Alignment & Collaboration: By linking objectives across departments or teams within an organization up the chain of command for quick reference points in projects or exchanges between stakeholders which increases visibility into performance metrics by displaying diverse ‘micro measurements’ in one place.

-Strategic Planning:: With Gtmhub’s easy drag & drop goal setting tool combined with alignment capabilities organizations get full visibility into vital milestones needed throughout a project life cycle which helps prevent stagnation while continuing towards desired end state faster at each decision point or milestone.

– Monitor Outcomes & Status Monitoring: Included dashboards allow users assess progress against defined milestones over time so users can track how key performance indicators (KPI) are shifting in relation one another quickly identify trends based on completed projects or initiatives relative accountability between different parties.

denverbased gtmhub 120m ventures 160mwilhelmtechcrunch


Gtmhub, a leader in OKR (Objectives and Key Results) software, has just raised a record-breaking $120M in Series C funding. This investor round was led by WestCap Group with participation from other investors such as Insight Partners, Naspers Ventures, and Emergence Capital.

The funds will be used to expand the Gtmhub Platform’s reach and to develop new products which will help companies achieve their strategic objectives.

Overview of Investors

The OKR platform recently raised $120 million in Series C funding, bringing its total funding to over $200 million. This round of funding was led by SoftBank Vision Fund and joined by existing investors Google Ventures, Oak HC/FT, Battery Ventures and more. This new influx of capital intends to help the OKR platform expand their services for companies implementing OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) into their management systems.

This round of funding saw participation from new investors such as Norwest Venture Partners, Greycroft, Signalfire, Nimble Ventures and Greenoaks Capital. These have joined the kitty that includes key players such as Qualtrics CEO & Chairman Ryan Smith, Insight Partners Managing Director Teddie Wardi, Insight Edge Growth Fund Partner Ton Gorsse and Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund Managing Partner Anna Mason. Other prior existing investors include Cowboy Ventures’ Aileen Lee and Tenaya Capital’s Josh Goldman.

By strengthening ties with venture capital firms, the platform preparations to expand its scope beyond offering implementation services for OKRs — into predictive analytics, AI-driven insights and otherOKR features that facilitate retrieving resources quickly to drive operational excellence. It works with organisations like Asana, Siemens Healthineers Intuit etc., enables companies in making better decisions while transitioning execs gain greater visibility into a company’s goals at scale.

Impact of Investment

The $120 million Series C round of financing for the OKR platform will provide a major boost to its development plans. This kind of solid funding from knowledgeable investors increases the credibility of OKR, and unlocks access to new customers and markets, allowing it to scale quickly.

The additional funding also opens up various possibilities for furthering product development. It gives the company a window of opportunity to build its infrastructure, extend reach into global markets and enter into strategic partnerships with other key players. It also helps with marketing activities such as product launches, sales initiatives and branding campaigns which can impact growth in this fast-paced sector.

With such support from leading investors, OKR is positioned to take advantage of available opportunities and make even greater strides in shaping the world’s leadership landscape through technology that fosters better collaboration between teams and organizations.


The record-breaking Series C funding of $120 million for the OKR platform Gtmhub marks an exciting milestone for the company and the industry. This investment highlights the growing potential of the OKR platform and will help Gtmhub continue to grow and innovate its products.

In this article, we examined the details behind the investment and evaluated the potential market for Gtmhub moving forward.

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