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GTMhub, a cloud-based OKRs platform, recently raised a $120 million Series C round – the largest funding round in the OKRs software space. This announcement signals the increasing importance of OKRs software in the enterprise space, and the company’s solid market position.

In this article, we will dive into how GTMhub’s success impacts the OKRs software market.

GTMhub’s History and Overview

GTMhub is a comprehensive Objective and Key Result (OKR) software that helps organizations set, manage, and monitor unified objectives. Developed in 2018 by co-founders Marko Zabreznik and Matt Schulte, GTMhub’s deep suite of features makes it ideally suited to a wide array of industries. Through its intuitive interface, automated workflow processes, and deep reporting insights, GTMhub can help organizations build on their success and stay on track with their objectives.

Created to help marketers track objectives for a customer satisfaction survey project, GTMhub was quickly adopted by a wider range of users across various departments throughout the organization. As promotion for the OKRs software gained traction in the corporate world, its appeal grew quickly. In 2020 GTMhub had become well-known within the tech industry as one of the top providers in an increasingly competitive market.

Featuring extensive interdepartmental access through safe API integration mechanisms as well as elegant visuals that are easy to understand at glance thanks to its drag-and-drop dashboard capabilities — GTMhub stands out with its ability to effortlessly customize goals according to individual user or company preferences while still connecting it deeply with KPI metrics related to what drives performance in an organization. With many global clients ranging from Silicon Valley start-ups to Fortune 500 companies relying on their services it is clear that GTMhub offers a advanced solution to tracking progress efficiently within organizations both large and small.

GTMhub’s Series C Funding Round

GTMhub, a leading OKRs software provider, announced a funding round of $120 million which is the largest in the OKRs software space. This round of funding bolsters the investors’ confidence in GTMhub’s innovative OKRs product and their capacity to scale operations and provide increased value to their customers.

Let’s take a closer look of what this round of funding means for GTMhub and the OKRs software market.

denverbased gtmhub 120m index ventures 160mwilhelmtechcrunch

Overview of the Funding Round

GTMhub, the world’s leading software for setting and tracking Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), recently announced a Series C funding round. The total funding to date has now reached $45 million from both new and existing investors, including ICONIQ Growth, Microsoft Ventures, Bee Partners, and more. This additional capital will be used to accelerate growth of the GTMhub platform.

The Series Cfunding round demonstrates confidence in the viability of GTMhub’s OKRs product and its long term impact on the software market worldwide. As a result of this injection of funds and strong support from customers, GTMhub is now positioned to provide comprehensive OKR services with much larger visibility in global markets and increased integrations with existing business software such as Salesforce and Google Suite.

The additional capital allows GTMhub to prioritize expansion over the coming quarters while continuing to bolster its commitment to robust platform capabilities. This includes further development of advanced goal setting capabilities that allow users to easily set results-oriented goals that remain flexible throughout their tenure–known as “Smart Goals”–a breakthrough in modern objective setting technology. Furthermore, this additional funding also affords team initiatives such as focus groups for customer feedback Implementation of additional features within the mobile application for increased usability on-the-go for users in remote environments or those with inflexible schedules. Overall there is optimistic anticipation around what can come from increased resources devoted to a very successful product offering by one of OKRs premier players: GTMhub.

Impact of the Funding Round on the OKRs Software Market

The Series C funding round secured by GTMhub, the leading OKRs software provider, marks a major milestone in the enterprise software landscape. This investment affirms GTMhub’s technology and predictive analytics tools for goal-oriented outcomes and its potential to drive innovation and disruption within the employee performance management market.

The Series C funding will help expand GTMhub’s footprint in the OKRs software market, enabling it to drive greater customer engagement and accelerate its product roadmap. As part of this funding round, GTMhub announced plans to add additional features that increase team alignment and provide better visibility into performance metrics throughout an organization. The company also plans to use the funds to build its partner network, helping organizations gain deeper insights into their OKRs strategies by integrating with existing systems like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

By unlocking new possibilities within the OKRs software market, GTMhub is making it easier for organizations to map out their goals, track progress, measure outcomes and make data-driven decisions to positively impact business performance. This type of strategic planning is essential as companies face greater pressure on long-term growth potential in an increasingly competitive landscape. With an enhanced suite of capabilities and integrations enabled by this investment, GTMHub is well-positioned to significantly enhance how teams across all industries build their OKR strategies and measure success.

Benefits of GTMhub

GTMhub, a leader in the OKRs software space, recently raised a series C of $120 million. This round of funding is the largest ever in this software space. With this surge of investment capital, GTMhub is poised to continue its climb to the top as a premier OKRs software solution.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that GTMhub offers to users.

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Improved Goal Management

Goal Management is an essential feature of any Objectives and Key Results (OKR) software system. GTMhub is helping to shape the futuristic landscape of OKRs software by providing simple and effective goal management solutions. With GTMhub, users experience improved goal setting, hierarchy & alignment, ownership & accountability and progress tracking at every level of the organization. Using this software to manage goals and objectives, managers can quickly identify problem areas and adjust their strategies accordingly.

GTMhub also provides real-time visibility into goal progress, allowing managers to make more informed decisions on alignment and performance. Additionally, metrics can be measured at a more granular level, providing insight into employee engagement levels that allows organizations to take a proactive approach in setting goals and ensuring they are achieved with maximum efficiency. Furthermore, conference focused “Team Alignment” meetings become more productive as employees have regular check-ins on goals previously set up in the system for accountability or other performance motivators. With GTMhub’s Goal Management features included in every OKR setup, companies can expect to see better results in terms of goal achievement rate and improved team morale as well as collaboration across departments.

Enhanced Collaboration

GTMhub is a SaaS platform designed to assist growth-oriented teams define and manage OKRs (Objectives & Key Results). It offers various features to help organizations meet their objectives faster, improve team collaboration, and provide a better overall experience for managing your objectives.

The GTMhub Platform makes it easier for managers and teams to collaborate on goals. With its intuitive interface, anyone can create objectives and relevant key results easily and quickly. Plus, with real-time tracking of progress and the ability to report on progress, users are encouraged to share their experiences throughout the process. GTMhub users can access powerful analytics tools that enable users to track performance based on OKR history. Tracking progress helps teams ensure that they hit their goals promptly.

By connecting with multiple third-party services through its API integration support, GTMhub eliminates any need for manual data entry or copy & paste actions when sharing updates or collecting data from external sources. This allows teams to focus on what matters: reaching their OKRs while leveraging input from supervisors or other stakeholders outside the team. With these features in place, the ease of use of the software encourages proactive collaboration among stakeholders inside and outside an organization.

Ultimately GTMhub provides enhanced collaboration within organizations by providing an intuitive platform that is easy for all stakeholders—both inside and outside—to achieve their strategic objectives faster. Organisations no longer have to spend hours manually transferring data or attempting cumbersome workarounds; instead they can harness GTMhub’s powerful automation tools that allow them to stay focused on what matters most: getting results faster than ever before!

Increased Visibility

GTMhub is a leading OKRs software platform, providing organizations with the visibility and clarity they need to manage strategy effectively. This visibility has numerous advantages, including:

1. Transparency: Having the right information available at the right time leads to more effective decision-making and better performance outcomes. GTMhub ensures everyone remains informed through access to real-time data at all levels.

2. Clarity: GTMhub’s goals and objectives are easily understood through its simple yet comprehensive user interface. Your employees can easily follow their progress and make faster decisions based on data-driven insights.

3. Faster Execution: With enhanced visibility into their objectives, organizations can streamline processes and make quicker decisions that positively impact the bottom line in the long run. Additionally, GTMhub’s automation tools allow less manual work when setting priorities or adjusting objectives as needed.

4. Improved Employee Engagement: Transparency and clear communication around goals allow for higher levels of trust among employees, strengthening morale in the workplace and improving engagement over time.

GTMhub’s Future

GTMhub recently closed a successful $120 Million Series C funding round, which makes it the biggest funding raised in the OKRs software space. This influx of capital positions GTMhub to have a major impact on the OKRs software market going forward.

In this article, let’s evaluate GTMhub’s future and potential to disrupt the OKRs software space.

denverbased gtmhub series index ventures 160mwilhelmtechcrunch

Expansion of GTMhub’s Offerings

GTMhub is focused on meeting the needs of organizations by expanding its product offering. In addition to its flagship OKRs software, GTMhub has released a suite of products, including a Goal Setting tool, an Insights dashboard and an Employee Recognition platform.

These complementary solutions enable users to have a complete view of their organization’s goals and success metrics using only one system, streamline performance evaluation via timely feedback and acknowledgement by allying managers and staff as well as ensure communication efforts are directed at the right individuals in real-time.

As such, GTMhub’s products provide customers with an extensive set of features to improve performance tracking, decision making and team engagement.

Increased Investment in Technology

GTMhub has long recognized the importance of investing in technology to ensure its customers are at the forefront of their industries. The company’s continued investment in technology has provided customers with a cutting-edge OKRs solution that is constantly improved upon. GTMhub is committed to providing customers with the latest and most effective software solutions to help them reach their goals.

The increasing investment in technology by GTMhub reflects both its commitment to its existing customer base as well as an effort to bring new features and capabilities to the OKRs software market. These investments drive industry-leading performance and satisfaction ratings among GTMhub’s customers – ultimately positioning GTMhub as the industry leader regarding OKRs-related software solutions.

In addition, increased investment in technology means more opportunities for new hires across various departments at GTMhub. As such, GTMhub’s continued focus on technological innovation will not only benefit current customers but will attract new talent who can help contribute towards future success. With strong leadership, proprietary technologies, and ongoing investments in research, product development, branding, and marketing – there is no doubt that GTMhub will remain a major player in the OKRs sector for years to come.


GTMhub’s $120 million Series C fundraising round has been a watershed moment for the OKRs software space. It shows that the demand for OKRs software is increasing and investors are willing to back the technology.

In this article, we will discuss the implications of GTMhub’s funding round on the OKRs software market and the potential opportunities for other companies in the space.

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