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Brightseed, a leading biotechnology company, has announced their first-ever AI-detected phytonutrient today, along with a $68M B round of funding. Their development of this ingredient marks an exciting milestone for the food and nutrition industry.

This discovery has been made possible through Brightseed’s ongoing commitment to extracting the value of data and applying artificial intelligence (AI) to understand and unlock the power of plant-based nutrition.

This article will provide an overview of Brightseed’s discovery and development of phytonutrients and the benefits of this new ingredient.

Overview of Brightseed

Brightseed was founded in 2017 as a science-driven company focusing on discovering and developing phytonutrients to help support health and well-being. Our mission is to discover, develop and commercialize natural substances found in plants that are vital to health outcomes — from physical wellness, protection from chronic disease and even aging itself.

We are dedicated to uncovering the next generation of plant-based nutrition for humans by leveraging computational biology, AI, machine learning and data science. We have a team of leading scientists and entrepreneurs with an active pipeline of new developments for nutraceuticals, functional food/beverage ingredients, dietary supplements and even skin care.

At Brightseed our expertise in modern biotechnology paired with deep domain experience allows us to find valuable nutrients that can help people flourish. Our research has identified multiple natural compounds with proven scientific evidence including flavonoids, stilbenes, isoflavonoids, and carotenoids. In addition, each Brightseed phytonutrient is rigorously tested for safety and efficacy to ensure we deliver high-quality ingredients with real nutritional value.

At Brightseed we are dedicated to helping people live healthier lives by uncovering the potential of plant-based nutrition through cutting edge technology backed by science.

Summary of Brightseed’s discovery and development of phytonutrients

Brightseed is a biotechnology company that is pioneering the discovery and development of phytonutrients: natural ingredients derived from plants. Utilizing proprietary artificial intelligence software, Brightseed has uncovered an array of plant-based ingredients with extraordinary health benefits across multiple categories. Each ingredient is harvested from sustainably sourced farms and suppliers worldwide before undergoing rigorous tests to ensure its efficacy and safety in dietary supplements, functional foods, beverages, and other consumer products.

Brightseed’s commitment to quality begins with our highly precise process for identifying nature-based compounds that are safe for human consumption and have scientific evidence behind their potential health benefits. First, scientists evaluates hundreds of botanical sources to select the finest raw materials available. The samples are then subjected to state-of-the-art analytical testing using sophisticated robotic technology to detect bioactive phytonutrients with unique properties and quantifying levels to ensure uniform potency every time they’re produced. Once selected, these active ingredients are formulated into best-in-class nutrition products that have undergone extensive clinical trials and are endorsed by leading medical professionals worldwide.

By utilizing natural ingredients with validated health benefits, Brightseed aims to positively transform human health by providing consumers access to nature’s most important nutrients for life enhancement needs such as optimizing energy levels and boosting immunity. Brightseed invites all types of people—professional athletes, dietary supplement users, and everyday people—to take advantage of the power of natural remedies through their wide range of offerings and close relationships with local growers and suppliers in the agrobiotech industry worldwide.

Brightseed’s first AI-detected ‘phytonutrient’ comes to market alongside a $68M B round

Brightseed is a life sciences company that uses machine learning to identify plant-derived molecules with the potential to impact human health. Founded in 2018, Brightseed has quickly emerged as a leader in discovering and developing phytonutrients.

Recently, Brightseed closed a $68M Series B financing round with participation from top VC firms, innovation and sustainability-focused investors, and major CPG companies. This investment will help Brightseed market their first artificial intelligence-detected phytonutrient and continue their mission of unlocking the world’s plant intelligence to improve human health.

History of phytonutrient research

Phytonutrients, known as phytochemicals, are naturally occurring plant compounds vital for good health. The research and understanding of these beneficial compounds has been ongoing for centuries.

The term “phytonutrient” was first coined in the mid-1990s by scientist Stephen Talcott from Brightseed, a research and development company specializing in identifying and studying the health benefits of botanical substances. Brightseed’s research focused on new ways to use phytonutrients to promote health and wellness through food sources and supplements.

Brightseed’s breakthrough findings determined that phytonutrients are more than just antioxidant nutrients; they interact with cells throughout the body in complex ways tied to immune function, metabolic pathways and gene expression—all of which can influence chronic disease risk. Subsequent studies have found a variety of potential uses for phytonutrients in improving health and preventing illness where other methods have failed or been ineffective, including cancer prevention and cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension or atherosclerosis.

Since its discovery, the scientific community has recognized the valuable benefits of consuming phytonutrients from food sources such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, grains, and herbs. While many foods contain high amounts of phytonutrient compounds, some offer significantly more than others—including dark-skinned fruits like blueberries and cranberries; leafy greens like spinach; carrots and peppers; whole grains like brown rice; nuts like almonds; cruciferous vegetables like broccoli; olive oil; red wine; tea; beans like kidney beans or soybeans; legumes like lentils or chickpeas; turmeric root; garlic; onions; ginger; oats; cocoa powder.

These examples serve as dietary sources and a reminder that science is continuing to discover new knowledge about nutritional needs for overall good health—and small changes can make a real difference!

Brightseed’s approach to phytonutrient development

At Brightseed, we take an AI-powered approach to discovering and unlocking the potential of phytonutrients to prevent and/or treat prevalent health concerns. Phytonutrients are bioactive compounds found in plants known for their ability to influence processes in the human body. Thanks to unprecedented advances in computer vision, machine learning and big data, Brightseed can detect, isolate and develop these compounds into clinically validated supplements that promote improved health outcomes.

Our phytonutrient development process comprises four distinct phases: discovery, synthesis, validation and commercialization. Our first step is discovering new phytonutrients using advanced computer vision techniques to identify potential compounds from a library of hundreds of thousands of plant images. Once discovered, we analyze each compound for its potential therapeutic value before creating a synthetic version that can be consistently scaled for commercial use. We then submit our formulations for clinical evaluation before manufacturing them at cGMP compliant facilities to ensure product quality and safety standards are met. Finally, we bring the finished products to market under our Brightseed brand label or through partnerships with leading consumer healthcare companies.

By relying on AI-driven precision discovery methods instead of traditional trial-and-error strategies, Brightseed has dramatically accelerated the development process while still maintaining quality control requirements of world class supplement manufacturers. Ultimately, this means that consumers have access sooner than ever before to cutting-edge treatments that meet high quality standards.

Discovery and Development

Brightseed is an agrichemical company that has made a breakthrough discovery in phytonutrients. Through artificial intelligence technology, the team has detected and developed a phytonutrient for commercial use. This is a significant moment for the agrichemical industry, and Brightseed has recently completed a $68M B round to support their efforts to bring this new product to market.

Brightseed’s AI-detected phytonutrients

Brightseed’s propriety artificial intelligence (AI) system discovered and developed phytonutrients that have the potential to nourish your cells, defend against environmental stressors, and balance our microbiome. These compounds can be found worldwide in fruits, vegetables, grains, and herbs. Each person’s body responds differently to phytonutrients, so each Brightseed formulation is designed with various specific compounds to meet individual needs.

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The compounds identified by Brightseed’s AI machine-learning platform are known as polyphenols or flavonoids. These naturally occurring molecules from fruits, vegetables and other plants exhibit powerful antioxidant activity and anti-inflammatory properties. Much like probiotics for your gut health or light therapy for circadian rhythms support – proper intake of these unique compounds may help balance our overall health and wellbeing by enhancing beneficial bacteria in the gut and protection from oxidative stress on our cells.

Key Brightseed phytonutrient ingredients include: quercetin from apples, luteolin from celery; gallocatechins from green tea; resveratrol from red grapes; icariin from horny goat weed; ellagitannins from pomegranates; rosmanol monomers & dimers from tropic fruit rinds – just to name a few! This combination provides the perfect blend of naturally occurring plant-based micronutrients, bringing you maximum health benefits. In addition, once discovered by Brightseed’s AI platform, these molecules can be incorporated into supplements, foods, beverages, and products – increasing nutrient delivery while making it easier to get critical nutrients into your diet!

Brightseed’s clinical trials and research

At Brightseed, we understand that the best way to accurately discern the power of phytonutrients is through clinical studies and research. Therefore, we have established a network of top-tier research partners across academia, government, and industry to seek out evidence-based studies demonstrating how phytonutrients are involved in many aspects of health. Working with these partners, Brightseed is committed to conducting clinical trials and completing a series of projects that include developing biomarkers to measure the health impact of bioactives on systems within different consumer populations.

Brightseed’s clinical trial protocol involves both in vitro lab studies conducted at our state-of-the-art laboratories and in vivo human trials designed to generate scientifically meaningful data on the health efficacy of individual phytonutrients and their combinations. Our overarching mission is to uncover robust evidence that supports our claims: how each nutrient works in isolation or combination, how they should be standardized (nature or extracted) for maximum potency and effectiveness, what doses are necessary for maximum benefit, etc. In addition, to ensure safety and efficacy across the widest possible range of consumer populations, we do thorough research into age groups, gender discrepancies, ethnicity factors, geography differences and diet/activity levels.

Through our commitment to excellence and innovation across every aspect of our work with phytonutrients – discovering new compounds; identifying bioactives; questioning existing thought patterns; advancing sustainable practices; utilizing cutting edge technologies; seeking out partnerships with legendary practitioners from global farming traditions – we are ushering in bright days for human nutrition science!

Brightseed’s B round of funding

Brightseed, the Silicon Valley-based bio-technology company, recently secured its B round of funding from venture capital investors. This injection of funds has allowed Brightseed to further enrich its efforts in discovering and developing phytonutrients and their benefits for human health.

The investors’ confidence in Brightseed reflects their recognition of the company’s profound mission to use data science and machine learning to unlock a revolutionary understanding of nutrition and the progress that the team has already made. For example, using its proprietary AI platform, Archeus™, Brightseed has successfully identified over 450 phytonutrients across 30 food categories with quantified health benefits and published Novel Food authorisations confirming their safety as supplements.

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The fresh influx of funds will now allow Brightseed to further advance their mission and embark on new initiatives such as expanding its number of Novel Food authorizations, diversifying its sales channels, expediting product development cycles with partners in Nutrition and expanding access to supplementation strategies with business partners looking forward to capitalise on personalised nutrition.


With the discovery and development of phytonutrients by Brightseed, the potential for breakthroughs in health and nutrition is now greater than ever before. The newly developed AI-detected phytonutrient, which has been commercialized, is set to have a major impact on the health and nutrition markets and bring in a significant financial benefit for Brightseed, with their $68 million B round.

In this article, we will explore the impacts of Brightseed’s phytonutrient discovery in detail.

Benefits of phytonutrients for human health

Phytonutrients (also known as phytochemicals) are naturally occurring compounds found in plants that benefit human health. In recent years, science has made significant progress in researching the role of these plant-based compounds and how they can be used to improve human health.

Brightseed, a company whose mission is to identify nature’s ingredients for better health, has unearthed the potential power of phytonutrients with its dedication to discovering and developing plant-based ingredients for disease prevention, treatment and wellness. Brightseed seeks to unlock the secrets behind natural products traditionally part of traditional medicine systems such as Ayurveda with its team of scientists, comprising botanists, geneticists, nutritionists and pharmacologists worldwide.

One of Brightseed’s key discoveries is around how phytonutrients can benefit our immune system. Immune cells routinely interact with environmental factors to adapt and respond effectively to changing contexts such as bacteria or toxins that threaten health. Phytonutrients play a key role by helping these immune cells stay alert and respond quickly when necessary. In addition, by supplying antioxidant protection and targeting specific receptors involved with immune response pathways, these nutrients help support overall biochemical balance within the body, leading to better resilience towards illnesses and improved longevity.

In addition to strengthening our immunity, research studies have also demonstrated that regular consumption of phytonutrient rich foods can protect from chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease by protecting cells from damage caused by oxidation or metabolic stress. Furthermore, many crucial enzymes required for normal cellular functioning depend on adequate levels of certain phytonutrients for their activity; hence, diets low in these essential vitamins may contribute to developing degenerative illnesses over time if not supplemented adequately through dietary supplements sources or medical supplementation protocols.

Thus it’s essential to ensure that enough amounts of plant nutrients present in one’s diet so that the body gets all it needs for normal functioning & healthy life span!

Brightseed’s potential to revolutionize the food industry

Brightseed, a San Diego-based startup, has undoubtedly achieved something remarkable as it staked its claim in the novel field of food science and phytonutrients. The premise is simple: identify and develop nutraceuticals derived from a variety of plant sources that can make food more healthful.

The team at Brightseed proposes to revolutionize the already much-maligned processed food industry by introducing these additional health benefits into ingredients and products we consume daily.

To do this, the team aggregated over 120 million plants for analysis – sampling 35 different species native to six countries on four continents around the world– with their proprietary proprietary “pattern recognition algorithm” to search for potential new phytonutrients or “plant intelligence molecules” that can be applied in real-life solutions.

The idea is simple yet revolutionary — use nature’s potential to solve global problems in nutrition and health, whether those are vitamin deficiencies or degenerative diseases linked to lifestyle choices such as poor diet or lack of exercise. To date, Brightseed has utilized its cutting edge science and technology to identify 600 “promising molecular candidates” believed to demonstrate antioxidant properties during human testing – potentially leading to breakthroughs in preventive care across multiple industries like food production and medical research. Already boasting over 30 patents for their discoveries worldwide, Brightseed’s new revolutionizing discoveries will certainly stand out from what may come from genetic engineering or artificial biochemistry manipulation — creating a newer path within the realms of nutrition science with various implications on our health practices yet unknown.


Overall, Brightseed’s discovery and development of phytonutrients marks the beginning of a new era of pharmaceutical development and has the potential to revolutionize how we produce and access drugs. Their first AI-detected ‘phytonutrient’ has come to market, and the $68M B round funding will ensure their continued success in this field.

In conclusion, Brightseed is a leader in phytonutrient development and is a company to watch in the future.

Summary of Brightseed’s success

Brightseed quickly established itself as a leader in the nutritional sciences space, allowing the company to make remarkable discoveries from the world of plants. By recognizing the biological makeup and health benefits that new phytonutrients can bring, Brightseed can develop applications based on these findings and ultimately revolutionize nutrition as we know it.

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The revolutionary approach that Brightseed has brought to nutrition has led to breakthroughs. One is BioActives™, an innovative technology that uses proprietary algorithms to identify potential health benefits from hard-to-intuit sources like plants, extracts and traditional foods. Such breakthroughs have enabled them to achieve great success in unlocking new nutrition sources for people everywhere.

In a short period, Brightseed has developed over 1,400 distinct phytonutrients which they are continuing to test against serious chronic diseases. Their ground-breaking research continues to bring light to new forms of nutrition that could bring us into a future where our diets are built around more natural forms of nutrition and food production less reliant on synthetic methods.

Brightseed’s potential to shape the future of nutrition

Brightseed’s discovery and development of plant phytonutrients provides an exciting opportunity to uncover the potential of plants to improve human health. If identified and characterized, these nutrients will shape the future of nutrition science — from developing treatments for complex diseases to optimizing individual performance. With their comprehensive technology platform, Brightseed has the unique ability to examine plants at a molecular level in order to identify novel bioactive ingredients with therapeutic benefits. This cutting-edge technology is poised to revolutionize the study of nutrition by identifying potentially beneficial phytonutrients for human health.

The research team at Brightseed is leveraging this technology platform to identify plant-derived compounds that impact metabolism, autonomic nervous system functioning, cognition, heart health and more. Brightseed has partnered with acclaimed scientists from institutions such as Harvard Medical School and Stanford University who specialize in plant-based nutrition research to expedite this effort. Together they are advancing the field by uncovering new insights into how these compounds interact with our bodies and what potential benefits could exist for humans if consumed regularly.

Overall, Brightseed’s advancements provide a promising glimpse into the future of nutrition science; by delving deeper into the enormous number of plants on earth and unlocking their nutritional secrets through their innovative technology platform, they have opened up an entire world of possibilities when it comes to developing new treatments for complex diseases as well as optimally fueling body systems for enhanced performance.

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