One time or the other, we must have heard how terrible Africa is; we sometimes even think they don’t have water. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Therefore, we will enjoy some lovely places if we give Africa a chance.

So, when we get that big bonus from work, when we win the lottery, or when we cash out from betting platforms like 22Bet, and we want to enjoy a good vacation around the world, the following are some African countries to consider.


According to Getaway, one of the Top 12 Travel Destination places in 2020 was Madagascar’s exotic island. It’s also included in the ironic Insider list of 40 places to visit before they get too crowded with tourists in 2020.

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Lemurs that are at risk of extinction and other exotic animals can be found in Madagascar’s jungles. As a result, you will travel away from home and spend a few leisurely days on a remote beach.


The Indian Ocean’s tiny East African archipelago of Seychelles is home to some breathtaking landscapes. And, since this nation comprises roughly 115 islands, island hopping is a common and exciting activity for those looking for picture-perfect beaches.


Namibia is one of the best places in Africa to go, and it was included in CNN’s list of the Top 10 Places to Visit in 2020. Travelers of all ages like visiting this safe country in Southern Africa. Namibia is a remarkable place to stay. It offers exceptional wildlife watching in Etosha and fantastic views of the desert.

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Additionally, Namibia has one of the world’s lowest population densities. As a result, it’s a terrific area to get away from the hive. Due to infrastructure upgrades, reaching rural locations will also be more straightforward.


One of Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Destinations for 2020 is the tiny landlocked nation of eSwatini. Elle’s list of the Top 15 Travel Destinations in 2020 includes eSwatini. You’ll experience authentic African culture in Swaziland.

Here, time passes more slowly, and local tradition endures. It is not only simple to reach South Africa but also interesting enough to warrant a trip there. Swaziland is a winner because of its rich cultural heritage, stunning mountain scenery, and exciting outdoor activities.