To make a woman fall in love with you is not a walk in the park. As a young man, you must find ways to make the woman fall for you. To win over a woman is a skill you must practice most of the time. You have to exercise patience too because a woman or a girl does not fall in love in a day. However, the following are ways you can put into practice to win over the woman you like.

Be the One to Approach First

If you like the girl, do not wait for her to come and approach you first. Please make your first move on her and introduce yourself. Do not rush things because you might scare her away. Tell her your name and make sure to know her too. Try to make some jokes with her but do not overdo them. After that, you can ask for her number to keep in touch.

Build a Friendship with Her

It is the phase where we say slow but sure. Don’t rush to say how much you love her. First, make sure to be friends with her. Take time to know her friends and also introduce yours. During this time, you get to share your favorite dishes and hobbies.

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Compliment Her Always

A young man (มุขจีบหนุ่ม) must master the art of complimenting his woman. If you are on a date, compliment her on how she looks. Women love to be told they look good. Do not compliment her only about how she looks since she has a whole life to comment about. If she cooks well or knows how to take care of her pets, tell her you love how she does it.

Take Her on Dates

Do not be a boring person who only calls and texts a woman. Yes, calling and texting is not bad, but sometimes they can be too much. Women love when men tell them to prepare because they are going out.

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Dates do not have to be between the two of you only. When you have your friends over, invite them to hang out with you. During this moment, she will feel you are intentional about her. During these outs, you will learn so much about each other to enable you to build a stronger relationship.

Be a good Listener

Women love when a man is a good listener and pays attention. To win her over, always listen to what she is saying. Be the young man (มุขจีบหนุ่ม) she can rely on. If she is maybe complaining about how work is frustrating her, look for better words to soothe her. If it is something you can provide a solution to, do not hesitate to do so.

Do Not Fake It

Even if you try everything to win over this woman, do not forget who you are. People love when you are truly yourself. You don’t need to fake anything for her to like you. She will love you even with your flaws.

Coating a woman can be simple or hard. Besides, all of this depends on the approach you decide to take. It might work if you decide to be a gentleman, but if you decide to be aggressive, then too bad for you.