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The following League of Legends patch 12.15 climbing supports are recommended. So, climb the ladder to gain your greatness in ranked League of Legends! Even though season 12 is almost over, there is still time for you to get to your goal rank, whether it be platinum, gold, or anything higher.

Now, if you are a lower-tier player searching for advice on raising your LP and developing yourself, picking a hero and sticking with it is one of the most popular pieces of advice you get on specialized websites.

High-tier gamers, including those who play LoL tournaments for prizes and on which there is an increased interest for betting at bookmaker-expert.com/country/angola/ from year to year, know their ‘drill’ already. Alternately, you might decide to use the champions who are doing the best after each fix and ‘abusively exploit’ their power before they are weakened in the upcoming patch.

During particular patches, there are a lot of websites where you can access hero metrics, which might assist you in choosing what to play. Nevertheless, if you need some recommendations for solid support options for the most recent 12.15 patch, below are a few of the greatest picks you can attempt to ascend.


Enchanters have always dominated solo queuing, both in high and low elos, regardless of how excellent they are in professional play, and Janna has been a top enchanter in any bug fix. This is especially true when Riot increased the pace of her Howling Gale (Q) in her mid-scope update.

Since it is now more difficult to avoid Janna’s knock-up during the laning period, she is far more dangerous. She can intimidate melee engaged supports, who are considerably more common in solo queuing, out of lane with her poking, and is fine versus other enchanters in the lane.

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She probably excels at detaching or stripping her carries when out of lane, but you may always use her tornado to search for pickups out of sight. With her blast damage on her ultimate, she excels against assassins in peeling, as well as bruisers that like to pursue down their opponents.

She is one of the few supports who are able to use all of her enchanter mythics, which is three, but Shurelya’s Battlesong is her greatest gear.


Lulu is considered as “THE!” enchanter in LoL because she is consistently powerful and meta. The cause of her power is Yordle’s excellent interaction with a large number of carriers in the bot lane. No matter which ADC is popular—Jinx, Vayne, Twitch, or Kog’Maw—Lulu always has a capable late-game companion to strengthen her.

Twitch, Zeri, and Sivir are her three current dominant duos. All three of such ADCs are amazingly powerful in the meta once they achieve a three-item power surge, yet all have problematic laning phases.

Due to her early domination in the 2v2 match, Lulu not only complements their strength when the moment is appropriate, but she also assists them in surviving laning.

In addition, Lulu possesses one of the strongest fundamental skills an enchanter can have: Whimsy (W). When used defensively, Polymorph is one of the most dangerous powers for an assassin diving your carry. When used to attack, she lets her carries chase and kill adversaries.


Since the debut of the champion, Renata Glasc has enjoyed success. She has become one of the most often chosen heroes in the bot lane ever since she debuted live, but you never really feel like you can defeat her.

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Renata is one of the finest supports whenever it comes to carrying games, but only if you put in the effort to perfect her. Her kit supports early-game tyrants like Draven as well as late-game carriers like Jinx and Vayne.

Your allies will be flying across the field thanks to her Handshake (Q), one of the simplest to-hit disengagement abilities in the game, and Shurelya’s shield, which can be spammed.

And this is all without mentioning her ultimate, which changed the game. It can be challenging to hit Renata’s Hostile Takeover (R), but once you do, there is basically no way you will lose a fight. Among the best zoning tools you have available in the game, even if you miss it, is this.

One more piece of advice: Try Kalista/Renata lane if you are duoing with an ADC; in pro play, it is virtually a pick/ban. Kalista can pile her spears yet after dying thanks to Renata’s Bailout (W), which greatly boosts her chance of success.


In spite of his mana issues, Taric has always served as a powerful support. He has been a lot more at ease in the early game, though, with the new tearing item Fimbulwinter as well as the mana boosts to his Starlight’s Touch (Q) in 12.11.

Additionally, Taric’s Dazzle (E) cooldown was lowered, making him even than powerful when paired with mobile early-game ADCs like Kalista or Samira. You can defeat most lanes in 2v2 battles early on by using his basic skill cooldown reduction and passive’s striking rate steroid.

Since the majority of current meta junglers are melee, he is also quite skilled at roaming. No other support can provide the versatility Taric can in objective fights or 5v5s. A very deadly combination for the enemy is total invulnerability to damage mixed with low cooldown heals and stuns.

Although using your ultimate may require some getting used to because of its short delay, a few repetitions will ensure that you get the most out of your kit.

Taric’s lack of best-in-slot support mythic is one of his weaknesses, although you may overcome this issue by rushing other items first. Because Frozen Hearth is one of his greatest pieces of equipment, Taric is best used against AD opponents.


After 12.12 adjustments, when his Bandage Toss (Q) mana requirement was lowered, and his ultimate’s baseline damage was increased, the sad mummy is back in the bot lane. In a meta where lane-dominant poking heroes and enchanters frequently outplay engage supports in the early going,

Amumu stands out as a rare exception. However, having two charges in your Q forces the adversary to burn their flashes or simply perish if they are ever hit. Amumu gains one of the greatest level ones in the bot lane thanks to this lane pressure, especially when combined with potent early-game carriers.

Another benefit of Amumu support is that they can choose more carry-oriented heroes, which are currently in high supply, and you do not need to interact from your jungler or top lane.

If you want to run Swain or Seraphine in the bot lane, Amumu’s natural MR shred also offers him a strong synergy with AP champions, or at the very least, it assists other AP champions on your mix.