Let’s face it, if there’s one room in the house for a bit of luxury, it has to be the master bedroom! This is your own private space, and the decor should reflect that; if you are thinking about a master bedroom revamp, here are some cool ideas.

  • Set yourself a budget – If you don’t have a clear budget, things can quickly get out of hand and you end up spending far more than initially planned. Google can help you cost the project, and whether you’re going down the DIY road or hiring a contractor, knowing your spending limit is important.
  • Ground-level bed – This is an Eastern thing, and there are benefits to having a bed that sits on the floor. Japanese bedrooms feature ground-level bedding, usually styled with bamboo; Google Images can show you a few bedrooms with ground-level bedding to give you some design inspiration.
  • Splash out on good quality bedding – Silk is perfect for bedsheets and with a new set of bedding that includes an elegant quilt cover, your bed will be a place for peaceful slumber. Memory foam pillows are also great for giving the right neck support, which are available from a leading Australian bedding supplier.
  • Create a separate theme – The great thing about the master bedroom is you can move away from the theme of the rest of the home. Why not have a futuristic-looking bedroom if your home is modern or contemporary? No one outside your family is ever likely to see your boudoir, so make it a place you love.
  • Think outside the box – A few wooden pallets make for a great bed base; you would be amazed at what can be made from cargo pallets, and renovating vintage furniture is another way to decorate the room.
  • Wall prints – You could have a full poster of a tropical sunrise printed and transform a single wall, or perhaps a hi-res image of the Himalayas. Create your backdrop with unique wallpaper, which you can find online. Consider textured wallpaper to add depth and an earthy connection with a range of dried grasses. Choosing a single wall for a large print is a unique way to create a special ambiance.
  • Choosing a contractor – If you know someone who has recently done some interior work, why not ask them about the contractor? Personal recommendations have a lot of weight, but if there are none forthcoming, do some research on contractors you find online and read the reviews on their website.

Spend as much time on the design stage to be sure that the look is what you want and why not take before and after photos to keep as a memory. Once the main decor is done, you can start adding furniture and accessories until you reach a point of perfection.