Have you ever wondered how to be the person who lights up the room? You’re about to discover how to spread joy to others. This isn’t about grand gestures or expensive gifts. It’s about the simple, everyday actions that can significantly impact someone’s day. For many, Christmas is just a holiday not to work and receive gifts. However, there are many things to do, like enjoying 22Bet.

You might think that bringing joy to others is daunting, but it’s easier than expected. A smile, a kind word, or a thoughtful gesture can mean the world to someone. You don’t need to be a comedian or a millionaire to bring happiness to others.

In this guide, you’ll learn practical tips and strategies to bring joy to the people around you. So, get ready to be the sunshine on someone’s cloudy day. The journey to becoming a joy-bringer starts now.


  • Pictures are a nice trip down memory lane: a small photo album with memories of shared activities is guaranteed to make friends, parents, or godchildren happy.
  • Bring people together: Platforms like and specialize in bringing people together.
  • Help strangers: Bring a croissant and a coffee over to the homeless person you keep bumping into around town and chat with them for a while.
  • Care package for people who are at home sick with the flu, RSV, or corona: A package with home-baked cookies, a game that you can also play alone (e.g., Gravity Maze, The Negotiator, or Friday), or a book that is quickly packed – and will bring great joy to the recipient.
  • Compliments make people happy: Give a spontaneous (but please be honest!) compliment to the people you meet on the way to the garbage can, on your walk, or in the queue at the bakery.
  • Social commitment: If you have time to spare, find out where you can help and get involved at the neighborhood charity, the food bank, or another social institution. They have all had problems finding enough volunteers since the start of the coronavirus crisis. Here, you can find out why volunteering is good for you.
  • Tell about yourself: Tell others about your worries and thoughts, and then ask the other person how they feel. This often makes it easier to talk about problems such as loneliness and fears about the future.
  • Play Christkind. In almost all cities and communities, wish tree campaigns fulfill the wishes of needy children and young people. A quick internet search will help you find one in your region.
  • Cook and eat together. For a cooking date, you must agree on a recipe and date in advance and buy all the ingredients. If in doubt, this also works via Skype or Zoom.
  • Help for prisoners: How about a little Christmas present for people who are in prison at Christmas? The “Charity Set Free” initiative helps with the organization.
  • Pay two, give one: give another person a “deferred coffee.” The idea behind this originally comes from Nepal: you buy a coffee for yourself – and pay for a second one, which is then given to someone else. This could be pensioners who have run out of money at the end of the month, people who have forgotten their wallet at home, or cold, homeless people. There is also sure to be a bakery or café near you that is taking part. In some cities, the campaign also goes by “Spendierbrett.”
  • Blood donation: Go and donate blood again. Blood donations are rare at the moment. Information is available from the blood donation service or the Red Cross.
  • Greeting on the doorstep: Leave a few cookies or a small flower greeting with a few personal words on the doorstep of someone you know is lonely.
  • Watching movies together is possible in real life and digital life—Keyword Watch Party via Amazon or Netflix Party.
  • Spread the word! If you come across an interesting podcast, a clever newspaper commentary, an exciting movie, or a funny book, pass on the tip by email or a quick message on your cell phone.
  • Anticipation is the second best joy: Give a gift voucher for an event together in the new year.
  • Pass things on when you’re clearing out. Think about all the clothes, books, CDs, and things you no longer need and who you could make happy with them.