There is far too much pressure on people nowadays to do their jobs, and so many spend more time in the office than they really should. It is not unusual to see people leaving their office buildings late at night because of the heavy workload that is put in front of them. Many people nowadays live to work rather than work to live, and it is having a detrimental effect on their health outcomes. Even when vacation time is offered to them once a year, many will decline in the hope that they will get that promotion that may never come their way.

It is very important that you take your vacation time every single year because if you don’t, both your physical and mental health will suffer, and even though you will have all of that money in the bank, you will be too sick to spend it. This is why when your vacation time comes up this year, you need to book yourself a trip to Thailand and organise a Phang Nga Bay tour for you and your family. This is an experience that needs to be had, and this is certainly something that should be on your bucket list. If you still need some encouragement to take your vacation time this year, then the following is just how your health is affected if you take your vacation time.


Your Mental Health Improves – Many people are mentally exhausted due to the lifestyles that they need, and they have so many responsibilities at home as well as in the office place. Doing the same thing day after day can affect you negatively, and so the notion of travelling to an exciting new place like Thailand, just taking the time to visit a quality restaurant and experiencing everything that it has to offer, is something that will definitely help your stress and anxiety levels. You deserve this break, and so travelling to an exciting new environment is just what a medical practitioner would order.

It’s Good for Your Heart –  If you go to the particular locations mentioned above, then you will get opportunities to do many things like scuba diving, snorkeling, or just swimming in the bay. This will be very good for your cardiovascular health and is probably the first time that you are taking any exercise this year. Stress is not good for your heart so taking your vacation in Thailand will help to reduce your anxiety levels, and this helps to also provide your risk for disease and heart attacks.


Just taking your vacation time will certainly put the smile back on your face that has been missing for some time now. If you’re worrying that your job will suffer then you need to understand that taking your vacation will actually make you more productive and more creative on your return because you will have been well rested. Your relationship with your family is also incredibly important and so spending time with them can only lead to very positive results for all.