Armenia has cool stuff for everyone, like crafts and yummy snacks. No matter what you’re into—it could be art, food, history, fashion, nature, or decorating your home—you will always find something just for you! That’s why we created this guide so you can find the perfect souvenir to remember your amazing trip. And hey, maybe you can even treat yourself with some of your 20Bet winnings!

Why Travel to Armenia and Why Bring Back Souvenirs from Different Places?

Armenia has a super cool history that you gotta check out. It’s one of the oldest countries ever, and there are some seriously awesome spots like the Haghpat and Sanahin monasteries. They’re like big deals, you know, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and all. Then there’s Yerevan, the old capital. It’s a mix of old stuff and new vibes, with streets buzzing with life and ancient spots everywhere. Exploring these places is like taking a trip back in time and learning all about how Armenia shaped the world.

Bringing back souvenirs from Armenia is like bringing a piece of its specialness to your loved ones. Armenia has cool stuff all around. Think of things like handmade pottery from Dilijan, yummy spices from Yerevan, or comfy textiles from Gyumri. Each souvenir is a small part of Armenia’s amazing culture. And, of course, you want to share it with your loved ones so they get a slice of your trip.

For the Art Enthusiast

In Armenia, talented artisans make amazing crafts like woven textiles and pottery. You can find hand-painted ceramic plates or rugs with Armenian patterns at the local Vernissage market. These things aren’t just pretty decorations; they also show off Armenian skill and tradition.

For the Foodie

Armenian food is delicious and diverse, perfect for food lovers. Bring back some local honey, known for its rich taste, and jars of Armenian fruit preserves or dried fruits to spice up your meals at home. And don’t miss out on Armenian brandy, famous worldwide for its quality. Get an apricot-flavored Ararat Brandy, and everyone will appreciate the unique taste it has.

For the History Buff

Bring a piece of Armenia’s history with you by grabbing replicas of ancient coins or khachkars, which are like big, cool crosses.


You can also pick up tiny versions of famous places like Garni Temple or Tatev Monastery to remind you of your awesome trip.

For the Fashionista

Armenian textiles and embroidery are both historic and trendy in fashion. Get a lovely Armenian scarf or shawl with intricate designs for a classy touch to any outfit. Also, check out modern Armenian jewelry, which mixes traditional patterns with modern styles. These are ideal for those looking for a perfect accessory.

For the Nature Lover

Armenia’s stunning scenery inspires some really cool souvenirs. You can pick up handmade wooden ornaments or natural skincare goodies made with lavender or apricot kernel oil. These eco-friendly treats help local artists and keep things green. Plus, they let you carry a bit of the mountain with you wherever you go.

For the Home Decor Enthusiast

Elevate your home decor with special Armenian designs that showcase the country’s culture. Bright and intricate Armenian carpets make any room feel comfy. Hand-painted ceramics, like plates and vases, show off Armenia’s artistic side. Choose elegant wooden items or decor inspired by Armenian buildings for a classy touch.

For the Spiritual Seeker

Armenia, one of the world’s oldest Christian nations, has a rich spiritual heritage. Bring back a piece of this with cross pendants or miniature replicas of ancient churches and monasteries. You can also find beautifully illustrated prayer books or intricately designed khachkar-shaped souvenirs. These are ideal for those seeking spiritual connection.

For the Music Aficionado

Armenia’s musical tradition is rich and vibrant. For the music lover, consider authentic Armenian instruments like the duduk, a beautiful apricot woodwind instrument. You can even look for the tar, which is a long-necked string instrument with a deep, resonant sound. You can also bring back CDs or vinyl records of traditional Armenian music. If that’s not your vibe, you can listen to contemporary artists to enjoy Armenia’s captivating melodies at home.

For the Little Ones

Remember to grab something cool for the kids, too! You can pick from adorable plush toys of Armenian animals or colorful storybooks about Armenian tales. And don’t miss out on the fun games that sneak in a bit of Armenian culture, language, and history. It’ll make sure the little ones have awesome memories of their time in Armenia!

For the Eco-conscious Traveller

Armenia has cool souvenirs that are eco-friendly. You can find stuff made from old things, like bags from old clothes or jewelry from recycled metals. People who make these things care about nature and use fair trade.


Buying these souvenirs helps keep Armenia clean for kids in the future.

For the Tea and Coffee Lover

Armenia has a rich tea and coffee culture, offering many local teas and aromatic coffee blends. Bring home Armenian herbal teas like mountain mint or rosehip for their soothing taste. Enjoy Armenian coffee, which is famous for its bold flavor. Don’t forget to pair it with traditional coffee cups or beautifully crafted mugs for an authentic experience.

For the Health and Wellness Enthusiast

Armenia offers many natural wellness products that are perfect for relaxation. Indulge in some fancy skincare treats from Armenia. They use local stuff like pomegranate, apricot kernel oil, and honey. Treat yourself to handmade soaps and bath salts. And don’t miss out on essential oils with lovely smells for a chill time.

For the Adventure Seeker

Armenia has cool stuff for people who love adventures outdoors. Get sturdy hiking gear like backpacks, water bottles, and trekking poles. They’re great for exploring Armenia’s rough land. You can also find excellent camping gear like tents, sleeping bags, and portable stoves for fun nights under the stars. And for something really neat, why not join a guided tour? You’ll see Armenia’s awesome mountains, lakes, and caves up close!