Italian cuisine is among the world’s favorites, and with good reason! Everyone loves the entrées; lasagne, spaghetti, fettuccine- the list is long, and it’s all delicious! Despite all this love, there’s a section of the Italian menu that’s all too often neglected- the desserts! If you love the main dishes, you’re definitely going to love the desserts; they’re made with the same flair for flavor and respect for tradition that makes Italian cuisine so fantastico!

If you really want the best Italian desserts, you are going to need to visit the best Italian places in Australia, so make sure to check out the Camden restaurant scene; they are sure to have exactly what you are looking for! Now that we have whetted your appetite let’s take a closer look at some of our favorite Italian desserts! Just make sure to leave some room after demolishing that big plate of Linguine Carbonara; you won’t regret it!

  • Panna cotta – Originating in Piedmont in Italy’s Northwest, this creamy delight is concocted from gelatin-thickened sweet cream flavored with vanilla, coffee, chocolate, and other flavors, then placed in a cup mold to solidify, with a layer of caramel at the bottom. Once the mixture has hardened sufficiently, it’s flipped over onto the plate, and you eat it from the bottom down to the top! A slice of heaven in your spoon.
  • Tiramisu – Perhaps the most well-known of the Italian desserts with a dedicated international following (it’s big in Japan!), tiramisu is an extravaganza for the taste buds that features ladyfingers biscuits soaked in coffee between layers of luscious mascarpone cream, eggs, and sugar, then sprinkled with cocoa powder. Some versions use amaretto, a coffee-based liquor, to give the dish some extra oomph!


  • Limoncello crepes – A newer addition to the list, a delectable combination of the famed thin pancakes smothered in a citrusy sauce of cheery yellow-colored limoncello liquor. Limoncello hails from the South of Italy, made from lemon zest and essential oils; it adds a refreshing zip to this mouth-watering combination!
  • Affogato – Affogato means “drowned,” and that’s what happens to the sumptuous scoop of vanilla gelato (or ice cream) placed in a cup of steaming hot espresso! It is often served in various combinations with other ingredients depending on the chef’s preferences; we recommend a shot of Frangelico, a popular hazelnut-flavored liqueur. Wave off that lifeguard; this is how you will want to go!


  • Crème Brulee – This incredible “burnt cream’ dessert consists of a sweet egg custard mixed with vanilla cream, topped with a layer of hardened sugar (the “burnt” part) caramelized by heating it with a flame or by pressing a hot skillet on it. Magnifico!

Full Disclosure: You are not going to find any of these delights listed on the government’s eat for health website, but ask yourself- do you care? All things in moderation, but you’ll love these Italian desserts so much you might have to order two.