Do you want to cook an easy and healthy meal but don’t have enough time to do it due to playing on Bet20? Then try stir-frying! The process of cooking with this technology from the outside can look extremely strange, especially if you see how professional Asian cooks do it. In English, the name of the technology is translated as “fry and stir”, which, in principle, reflects its basic essence. You have to fry all the ingredients in hot oil, especially for this purpose they are cut into thin slices, as a result of which they reach the ready state with great speed. As a result of this high-speed method, the products preserve a greater number of useful substances and vitamins, aromas, and taste features than after standard cooking techniques.

Today, the popularity of stir-fry is growing every day. It is easy to apply it in any famous cuisine of the world, in addition, with its help you can prepare very tasty and healthy dishes that will not take a lot of time and effort. Now that you know what a stir-fry is, you will probably have a lot of questions, the main one of which is how such a technology can be realized at home. Open fire on huge burners, as it is customary among Asians, of course, is far from the best option for a small home kitchen, but, do not worry, everything is real. Let’s deal with it.

How To Stir-Fry Foods

What you definitely can not do without here is a special tool for cooking dishes with this technology, a wok. A wok is a kind of large convex skillet, that has a small bottom but is equipped with high-sloping walls, which, of course, must be made of thin steel.


This special shape allows products to constantly slip to the bottom, in the immediate epicenter of the greatest heat. It is also important to note that the large area of the walls, as well as the impressive size of the frying pan, are invented not because the Chinese have large families, but so that each piece of food could come into contact with the red-hot metal without hindrance.

The main secret of the incredible crispy crust and juicy filling is connected with the classic shape of the work, as well as with its thin walls, which provide excellent heat conduction. Usually, you can cook no more than one or two portions of a dish in such a pan at a time; if you load it to the brim, you’re more likely to get boiled meat or vegetables in their juice. If you do not have a wok, then you can try to use a cast-iron skillet, which can heat up even more than the burner itself. However, the already cooked stir-fry should be put out of it instantly, otherwise even after turning off the stove, it will continue to fry in it.


As for ingredients, stir-fry isn’t perfect for cooking any food, there are a few exceptions. Asians use it to cook any meat (chicken, pork, beef), tofu, noodles, or vegetables, and they will meet all the principles of healthy eating. Since the whole process of cooking with this technology is very fast, prepare all the ingredients in advance. Directly in the frying process you will not have any opportunity to cut them.

Regardless of the recipe you choose, you should put all the ingredients into the wok in a certain sequence so that everything has time to fry and not burn. Almost any stir-fry is divided into five main components. The first is oil, which is poured into a heated frying pan, heated, and rolled smoothly along the walls. Spices and spices come next, which will give your dish the main flavor.

As soon as the spices have given their aroma to the oil, the meat is put in next, which is necessarily fried until the formation of a white color. The fourth component is vegetables, first lay out the coarser ones, and last come the most tender ones. Complete the whole circle of honor – sauce, if the steer fry turns out too dry, then sometimes a little water is added to it.

Grab a wok and enjoy a delicious healthy meal! You will love it!