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Polygon, a blockchain technology company based in India and Singapore, recently raised $450M from marquee investors Sequoia Capital India, Softbank and Tiger Global. This massive funding round has resulted in Polygon becoming the largest DeFi project in the world. In addition, it puts the company in a unique position to further expand its user base and take advantage of the potential of DeFi.

In this article, we will look at how Polygon plans to use the funds raised.

Overview of Polygon’s $450M Funding Round

On February 10th, 2021, Polygon announced it had $450M in new funding through a Series B fundraising round. The leading backers of this round included big names such as Coatue, Tiger Global Management and DST Global, which shows a solid endorsement of Polygon’s direction and goals.

This new capital injection will provide Polygon with the funds necessary to further expand the platform’s utilization of technology and further business development efforts within the DeFi space. The funds are also expected to be used for the platform to accelerate user growth with strategic marketing initiatives and product development initiatives for its flagship Layer 2 solutions such as Polygon SDK, MATIC Network and Polygon Optimistic Rollup.

Furthermore, part of the capital raised will be used to build out existing integrations across exchanges, wallets and block explorers and make strategic investments into projects that align with the company’s vision for growth. Last but not least, some of this funding will go towards increasing staff hiring across all areas including engineering, operations & compliance departments for the platform to keep up with demand.

Polygon raises $450M from Sequoia Capital India, SoftBank and Tiger Global

Polygon recently announced the raise of $450 million in a funding round backed by Sequoia Capital India, SoftBank and Tiger Global. This investment will provide Polygon with enough funds to keep up with the increasing demand for secure, distributed infrastructure for the new internet.

Let’s discuss how Polygon will use these funds to reach their objectives.

Expansion of Polygon’s DeFi Protocol

Polygon, one of the leading Layer 2 scaling solutions for Ethereum, announced that it has closed a series of whopping $450M funding round. The funding was led by notable investors such as Venrock, Andreessen Horowitz, Bain Capital Ventures, and many more. As a result of these funds, Polygon is now valued at more than $2 billion.

Polygon plans to use the funds from the rounds to expand its DeFi protocol and bring in new users. This latest investment comes only days after Polygon revealed their plans to bring thousands of developers on board for its platform and launch their staking service, Polygon Staking.

The main objective behind investing these funds will be to build out infrastructure for high-volume throughput and position it as a springboard for mainstream DeFi adoption. Polygon’s developers have already released several tools that facilitate layer two integrations with foremost dApps such as Aaveprotocols and Uniswap protocols to achieve this goal.

Moreover, they are rolling out products like EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) support with faster transaction times through side-chain technologies and offering high value aggregation across multiple blockchains in an encrypted way like sharding technology. With this venture capital injection in their pocket, Polygon wants to power blockchains like Pontus Protocol or launch its blockchain using stackable layers that will offer interoperability across various networks and seamless connectivity between Ethereums marketplaces without compromise performance or security.

Increase in Polygon’s Engineering Teams

Polygon will use some of the funds from its $450M Series D funding round to substantially increase its engineering teams. The company plans to securely expand its engineering, product and operations teams to speed up processes while improving product reliability.

In recent years, Polygon has been at the forefront of Layer 2 scaling solutions on Ethereum. With the increased capital, the company can accelerate the development process, deploy new features faster, and increase overall research speed.

Polygon is also planning to double down on their security investments by investing in both internal and external audits of their products, hiring experienced engineers and executives with deep technical experience in blockchain technology, constructing world-class security best practices for their platforms and developers’ toolskits as well as strategically incorporating leading edge technologies such as zero-knowledge proof for enhanced trustless security protocols.

Expansion of Polygon’s Ecosystem

Polygon aims to use the funds from its $450M funding round to further expand Polygon’s ecosystem and create a comprehensive platform for developers and users alike. The funds will be used for various purposes such as product development, marketing, infrastructure strengthening, acquisitions, and talent recruitment.

Product development will focus on expanding Polygon’s scalability solutions and providing more development capabilities, allowing better user experience and easier application integration. Additionally, Polygon will use the funds to build easier-to-use resources that will allow more new users to join the network.

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Marketing initiatives will target developers and non-developers by reaching out to new potential users through online ads or promotional offerings to facilitate growth of the overall Polygon ecosystem.

To ensure that its infrastructure remains reliable, secure and scalable while scaling up rapidly with user onboarding at its center stage; Polygon plans on utilizing part of the funding round for infrastructure investment. This includes having dedicated teams focusing solely on security operations and continuous improvements to maintain top-level performance of its products & services.

Most of the VC’s raised would also be used for acquisitions or partnering with startups or tech teams with solutions that could benefit MultiChain (i.e., scalability). This would enable Polygon’s efforts in creating an inclusive application platform and enable onboarding of new developers into the market quickly & cost effectively via strategic partnerships with other startups.

Finally, Polygon plans on using part of this capital injection towards aggressively recruiting talent from all over the world who can help in steering these initiatives and bring fresh qualities like innovative thinking & implementing them across verticals ranging from research & devOps engineering right through to integrations & scaling solutions.

Benefits of Polygon’s Funding Round

Recently, Polygon, the leading Ethereum scaling and infrastructure company, officially closed a $450M funding round, with Sequoia Capital India, SoftBank and Tiger Global as the main investors.

This round of funding will help Polygon significantly accelerate their product roadmap and commitment to further expanding their presence in the global DeFi market.

In this article, we will explore the various benefits that Polygon can gain from this round of funding.

Increased Liquidity for Polygon’s DeFi Protocol

Polygon’s recent $450 million fundraising round succeeded, allowing them to increase liquidity and expand their DeFi protocol. Polygon is an Ethereum-based layer 2 technology that allows users to make real-time payments with much lower transaction fees. With the additional funds, Polygon can launch new products, promote further development of its platform, and offer token holders increased liquidity for their assets.

The $450 million investment from a group of high-profile investors will enable Polygon to inject a large amount of capital into the system and provide sufficient liquidity for its users to scale. As part of the agreement, Polygon will issue a “Council Contract” that will enable private investors—such as Coinbase Ventures—to vote on certain issues on governance, technology enhancements and apply rules that align with the best interests of token holders first and foremost. Investors also can add new projects into the ecosystem or vote for changes or additions.

The funding round has provided funding for various initiatives across multiple levels, such as developing access to structured products including yield aggregation, staking services such as participation in decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols like Compound’s money markets or BlockFi’s savings products , and derivatives like options trading. It also provided additional capital needed for scaling up operations by strengthening core infrastructure such as Ethereum nodes and other supporting infrastructure like databases; signing enterprise contracts which require proactive management; making strategic hires; building out analytics activities; expanding marketing campaigns and customer acquisitions; deploying security audits & integrations; adding key performance tests [KPIs] targets ; among others projects to drive growth at Polygon (MATIC).

This major funding round will give Polygon additional opportunities to drive user acquisition through targeted investments across multiple levels while providing existing stakeholders peace of mind knowing that their tokens are more secure than ever as they watch their investment grow over time through increased usage within the platform.

Increased Accessibility to Polygon’s Ecosystem

The recent $450M fundraising round announced by Polygon (formerly Matic Network) will allow them to further invest in developing their network, expand usage and access to their ecosystem, and boost financial inclusion by making digital assets more accessible worldwide.

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With the new influx of funding, Polygon will be able to accelerate development of its Layer 2 technology for Ethereum, focus on strengthening its interoperability with other blockchains, build the latest Decentralized Finance products, and increase accessibility for users to join their growing platform. Their mission is to make blockchain transactions faster and more cost-efficient so that anyone worldwide can experience decentralized applications at scale.

Through increased access to Polygon’s ecosystem, users worldwide can utilize DeFi tools such as atomic swaps, cross-chain transfers and lightning network trades. They have also launched a gateway for external developers who want to build projects on Polygon’s infrastructure. In addition, their easy-to-follow tutorials are simpler than ever so anyone can learn how to use their technology without prior experience.

Polygon is dedicated to creating a world where everyone can access secure financial services without the need for third party intermediaries. This latest fundraising round will bring them closer to realizing this mission by growing traditional financial capabilities within blockchain networks.

Improved Security and Scalability of Polygon’s DeFi Protocol

Polygon’s DeFi protocol has been widely praised for its ability to offer frictionless, decentralized financial services. The $450 million round of funding received by Polygon will enable the team to further enhance the security and scalability of their protocol, thereby making it more attractive to both users and developers.

Funds collected through the round will enable Polygon to make intricate improvements across its suite of protocols and products. Regarding security, funds will go towards cybersecurity upgrades such as activity monitoring, multi-layer authentication processes, machine learning-driven anomaly detection and other enhancements that can help proactively detect and respond to malicious actors before damage is done. Additionally, Polygon’s scaling solution (Matic) will receive a boost in funds to continue driving improved efficiency in Ethereum mainnet transactions while settling transactions on their PoS blockchain network.

The funds will also cover expenses such as software development costs and design investments to continue providing users with access to best-in-class decentralized financial services. With these improvements in infrastructure and scalability supported by this new wave of investment capital, Polygon’s aim is for their protocol to become one of the most secure solutions for decentralized finance (DeFi) available on Ethereum mainnet as any Layer 2 solutions optimized within their network.


Polygon’s successful $450M funding round has provided them the resources to accelerate their product roadmap and expand globally. With capital from Sequoia Capital India, SoftBank and Tiger Global, Polygon appears well-positioned to grow and become a leader in the burgeoning non-fungible token (NFT) space.

In this article, we will be discussing the conclusion and implications of Polygon’s funding round.

Summary of Polygon’s Funding Round

The $450 million funding round in Polygon marks the second-largest investment in a blockchain-related startup, to accelerate development of its Ethereum and open finance protocols. Prominent investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Matrix Partners and Samdman led the round.

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Polygon is the first standalone Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, allowing developers to easily launch full-fledged L2s that are fully secure, low-cost, and more efficient than any other Layer 2. The capital derived from this funding round will strengthen Polygon’s engineering team and develop new software libraries, tooling and developer instruments necessary to securely bridge all Ethereum transactions onto Polygon’s platform.

This is also expected to help expand Polygon’s suite of frameworks for building platforms for Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Non-fungible tokens (NFT) and gaming applications. Ultimately, this influx of capital marks a significant milestone for both Polygon and Ethereum, positioning them strongly in an increasingly competitive market of blockchain projects looking to capitalize on the immense potential that Layer 2 allows.

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