Sitting at home after another day at work, your mind is deep in thought as you try to think of ways to get out of the tiresome existence and set up your own little business. You dislike having to answer to others whom you do not think do the best job.

You crave independence and use your people skills, which sees you chat and engage with others very easily. Your parents have been kind enough to offer you some money if you find the right opportunity to sustain a nice living and even turn over a modest profit.

You think you have found the perfect answer after seeing a small unit with accommodation above it. This would create a living space upstairs and allow you to open a café on the ground floor. One of the items that you are going to promote to try and attract a fresh customer base is by making drinks using milk tea powder.

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  • Milk or bubble tea has become extremely popular, stemming recently when people would make aesthetic-looking drinks and then post pictures on social media. The number of shops and cafes that have opened since then has seen a huge boom where predominantly youngsters will hand around attractive premises and enjoy having photos taken for the likes of their Instagram page.
  • You are certain that you have found the perfect milk tea, which is in powder form and contains the very best black tea powder sourced from Taiwan. It has a wonderfully mellow, fragrant taste with an intensity that immediately reminds of freshly brewed tea when added to by hot water. It might be the perfect drink when enjoying the delights of tiramisu.
  • Purchasing from a company that provides a wide range of other powder drinks, too, will allow you to build a relationship and allow you to offer your customers their very best drinks after you grow familiar with the products. You can order your milk tea powder in various sizes, which is perfect for entrepreneurs such as yourself.

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  • There are so many different recipes that can be followed or even invented when using milk tea powder, which is quick and convenient and ensures that customers are never waiting long for their drinks, whereas other establishments can take what seems an eternity to come to your table with the refreshment. It might be an ideal way to feel good before visiting a beautiful Bangkok attraction.
  • There are health benefits associated with milk tea which adds to the attraction. It contains calcium which is an invaluable mineral in the development of strong bones, while the drink is an excellent anti-depressant. There’s no nicer way than to chill out and forget the worries of the world while improving your mental health. It is also known to improve the health of a person’s skin when enjoyed.

Opening up your own tea shop and selling beautiful milk tea powder drinks containing the finest Taiwanese tea is a great way to attract customers to your café.