You might be one of those people who like to be unique; you don’t follow trends, you set them! If that kind of sums you up, here are a few cool ideas to create a bedroom ambiance like no other.

♦   Go Art Deco – If you love rich colour and geometric shapes, why not go 1930s? A four-poster would be the central feature with a patterned quilt cover and flannelette sheets with lots of fluffy toys/pillows. Long-pile rugs and outlandish ornaments and a few antique wall lights completes the look.

♦   Image wallpaper – State of the art digital printing means you can order landscapes or other art with wallpaper or wall stickers that are easily removed. There are also really cool grass wallpapers for a natural look; Google can show you stunning wall coverings that you have never seen before.


♦   Indoor plants – If you are a nature lover, why not bring plant life into your living space? This cleans the air and with timber furniture, you are surrounded by natural elements. Check out your local garden centre next time you are out and about and view some amazing tropical green plants that will thrive indoors.

♦   Lighting – LED fittings allow you to use your creativity when it comes to lighting; of course, you want general lighting, a dimmer switch is a great idea, while blackout curtains are a must for those epic movies!

♦   Water walls –Search online and you’ll find water walls for interiors and you can install one in front of a side wall. A small water tank and pump ensures the water constantly flows and with LED backlighting, you have a feature you can turn on at will.

♦   Futuristic look – Metallic and stainless steel can turn your bedroom into a futuristic creation; a floor-level bed complete with side consoles would be the main feature, along with mirrored doors on the fitted wardrobes. Large flat screen TV opposite the headboard, while a surround-sound system can be controlled by a mobile app. Floor level lighting completes the look with a minimalist approach in terms of decor.


♦   Planning – Get everything onto a large piece of card, preferably A3 size and draw each item that will fill the space; doing this can avert a clash and could potentially save you some money. If you are computer-savvy, you can download free bedroom planning software that enables you to build 3D images.

♦   Online shopping – The best deals are found online; set your budget and let Google guide you to various online retailers and before you know it, you have everything you need to start the project. Of course, it will be an ongoing thing, adding items as and when you find something.

There are so many ways that you can decorate your bedroom and as it is a private space, there are no holds barred. Create a place where you can rest, relax and recharge your batteries and you won’t regret it!