Years ago, Bushwick, Brooklyn, was known as the “brewing capital of the United States.” In the late 1800s, more than 50 breweries operated in the area, forming “Brewers Row” on Bushwick Avenue, many of which became homes for brewery owners and other influential industry figures.

Today, however, Bushwick offers much more than just brewery history. This vibrant and urban area continues to evolve, attracting the attention of people looking for rooms for rent Bushwick with its variety of art, which can be seen both on the streets and in galleries. In addition, numerous outstanding restaurants, stylish cafes, urban tiki taverns, and a vibrant nightlife have found their home here, making Bushwick, Brooklyn, still a very attractive place to visit.

Graffiti And Street Art

If you’re passionate about street art and looking for the best graffiti work in New York City, Bushwick is by far the best area to visit. This is one of the most exciting things to do in Brooklyn. One of Bushwick’s most impressive and well-known arts groups is The Bushwick Collective. You should visit the intersection of Troutman Street and St. Nicholas Avenue. Beginning in 2013, Bushwick Collective was founded by Bushwick resident Joseph Ficalora after the loss of his father.

He created a collective and attracted artists worldwide, inviting them to contribute to the Bushwick art community. Their works adorn industrial and residential buildings in Bushwick, subject to simple rules such as no offensive images to children, women, or local businesses.

Bushwick Galleries

In recent years, Bushwick, Brooklyn, has emerged as a hub for alternative arts and culture. A few years ago, local artists and entrepreneurs transformed scores of empty warehouses into outstanding galleries, studios, and nonprofits in Brooklyn. Many of these galleries focus on contemporary art, attracting both emerging and established artists.


A visit to Bushwick’s best galleries becomes a must. One of my preferred galleries in Bushwick is Microscope Gallery, created by curators Elle Burchill and Andrea Monti in 2010.

Below are a few more galleries in Bushwick that are worth visiting when you’re in the area:

Interstate Projects. Founded by Tom Weinrich in March 2011, this gallery is dedicated to alumni of the newly founded International School of Design (MID). It hosts some of the best exhibitions in the area (Address: 66 Knickerbocker Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11237).

Norte Maar. A stunning gallery and 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization founded in 2004 by curator Jason Andrew and choreographer Julia K. Specializing in the visual, literary, and performing arts (Address: 88 Pine St, Brooklyn, NY 11208).

Robert Henry Contemporary. Presents impressive works by emerging and established artists, both local and national.

Relax in Bushwick’s Popular Parks

Do you want to get away from the bustle and noise of the city? Enjoy peace in one of Bushwick’s most scenic parks.

Maria Hernandez Park was named after a local resident who, together with her husband, fought drug traffickers in Bushwick. She was tragically murdered many years ago, and the city renamed the park from Knickerbocker to Maria Hernandez Park. This is a great place for sports, walking, or just relaxing on the green grass.


At Irving Square Park in Bushwick, you can also enjoy the area’s quiet. This is a cozy city park with winding paths among shaded trees and lawns. Children will enjoy the playground. In summer, there is also a small stage for organizing events and small concerts.

Check Out The Most Popular Bars In Bushwick

Bushwick, Brooklyn, borders East New York and Williamsburg, attracting hipsters, artists and young professionals. This area is famous for its nightlife, which is second to none, and most notably, it is a place where you can enjoy wine for a reasonable $14 or less. The best bars in Bushwick are affordable, welcoming, and inclusive.

At these best Bushwick bars, you can sample classic cocktails, relax in cozy beer bars, feel the city vibe of tiki bars, or enjoy quirky decor like Boobie Trap on Bleecker Street.

Boobie Trap – (Address: 308 Bleecker Street, Bushwick)

Abe’s Pagoda Bar – (Address: 108 Wyckoff Ave, Bushwick)

Vanderville – (Address: 1186 Broadway, Bushwick)

Sincerely – (Address: 41 Wilson Avenue, Bushwick)

Mominett – (Address: 221 Knickerbocker Avenue, Bushwick)

Dromedary Urban Tiki Bar – (Address: 266 Irving Ave, Bushwick)

Pearl’s Social & Billy Club – (Address: 40 St. Nicholas Avenue, Bushwick)