Cricket is one of the world’s oldest sports that boasts a huge army of fans worldwide. Are you a sports lover who adores cricket and wants to know how to start betting on it? The first step is comprehending the most popular bets that both new and seasoned bettors prefer. This is actually what we will help you with. This post will shed some light on the most popular cricket bets available on 1xbet – top online betting site. So keep reading to know what you can bet on, what features each bet type has, and how you can maximize your bet effort.

Match Betting

This is the most popular type of cricket wager. Why? First, it is easy and straightforward — you must select one of three outcomes of the match. There are the scenarios that you can pick:

  • There will be a draw;
  • The home team will win;
  • The guest team will win.

Match betting is the most popular bet in the world of cricket betting due to its simplicity. So if you are at the beginning of your gambling journey and have no clue of how to bet on 1xbet cricket, this is the safest bet to start with.

Tied Match

This is another simple cricket wager that you can potentially avail of. With the tied match bet, you are to select whether the match will result in a draw. If your prediction is true, you win the bet and get some cash in your pocket.

Completed Match

You can wager on whether you believe the match will conclude on that day or not for full-day contests. It is also a yes or no wager on whether the match will be completed on time. If you feel that other variables, such as weather, will disrupt the game and force it to be played on another day, you may bet that the match will last longer than one day.


Top Bowler

This cricket wager type is placed on certain players. Simply select the athlete you believe will take the most wickets throughout a series or match. You can pick a player from any team that will win the championship. If your prediction is true, you will get your winnings from the bookmaker.

Top Batsman

If you wish to get your hand trained with this wager, you must accurately select the player you feel will score the most goals throughout the game. You may select any player from either team. Since it is more difficult to forecast, this bet provides a bigger reward. So if you are up for some adrenaline and want to get the max value out of your wagers, then this bet type is a perfect-match for you.

Team of Top Batsman

This bet option allows you to wager on the team with the best batsman to come from. This is an easier wager than betting on a certain player to emerge as the best batter. In this wager, you have just two possibilities to bet on, which means your chances of winning are better than if you bet on the top batsman.


Innings Runs

This wager requires you to accurately anticipate the amount of runs scored throughout the opening innings of the game. Most bookmakers offer this betting type as an under/over wager, where the bookie posts many runs. And all you have to do is bet if you believe the actual number of runs scored will be less than or greater than the number listed at the sportsbook.

Get The Max Out of Betting on Your Favorite Sport

What we love about cricket betting is that there are absolutely no limits. There is absolute freedom for bettor to make any decisions that work best for them. You can bet in any event; you can even place multiple wagers if you wish to. And the above cricket bets are just some of the options available at your disposal. If you are new to betting on cricket, start with simple bets and progressively adjust your strategy to include more complex bet types as you progress.