Horse racing is a unique sport when it comes to popularity. It is one of the most globally spread sports where come neighboring countries could have two completely different histories with the sport. One thing is for sure, horse racing is rising as a sport and many new countries started to push the sport by organizing relatively new horse racing events.

So, where you should go if you love horse racing?

Well, there are plenty of places a horse racing enthusiast should visit. From North America to Europe, and even Asia and Africa. The best thing about horse racing is that it is not only about the races. It is about the history, the tradition, the process, and the carnivals before the races that last for a few days.

Therefore, we decided to highlight the top 5 tourist destinations that offer horse racing enthusiasts a lot of horse racing action.

Get your passport ready, as we gallop on a journey that will leave a long-lasting memory.

Best Places to Go to For Horse Racing Enthusiasts in 2024


If you want to visit some of the biggest horse races in the world, then there is no better place than the United States. Draped with horse racing history, the US has plenty of horse racing action throughout the year.

After all, we are talking about a country that hosts the Triple Crown races, the ultimate achievement for every horse racing owner and jockey.

Everybody knows the Kentucky Derby, and if you are a horse racing enthusiast, we encourage you to visit this extraordinary race. It is held on the first Saturday in May and each year thousands of spectators flood the city.

2024 is the ideal year to visit the Kentucky Derby since it will be their 150th anniversary, and they promise that it will be a memorable occasion.

The 149th Kentucky Derby set the wagering record with $188 million, which explains why it is a must-go event for horse racing enthusiasts. But before you make a bet, make sure to check the horse racing odds by

Even though the Kentucky Derby is one of the most popular events in the United States, there are several others with a longer history than the Run for the Roses.

The Belmont Stakes in New York is the last event in the Triple Crown series. It boasts an exhilarating atmosphere that keeps fans on their toes until the very finish as one of America’s oldest thoroughbred horse races.

Not to mention California, notably the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club outside San Diego, which stages beautiful summer meets where visitors can soak up the sun while enjoying first-rate horse racing activity.

Other notable events include:

  • Preakness Stakes
  • Breeders’ Cup
  • Arkansas Derby
  • Arlington Million

The United Kingdom

Let’s be honest, we cannot make a list of the most popular horse racing destinations without including the birthplace of modern-day horse racing. After all, the United States took inspiration from British horse races in the past which led to the exciting horse racing scene that the country has nowadays.

Even though this might be a no-brainer destination for horse racing enthusiasts, most fans don’t really know much about British horse racing apart from the few popular races.

The Royal Ascot, held in June, is one of the most prestigious events on the British racing calendar. This five-day event features some of the world’s finest thoroughbred horses, drawing both fashionistas and horse enthusiasts.

Cheltenham is another famous racetrack in the United Kingdom, famous for its dramatic National Hunt races. The Cheltenham Festival, which includes renowned events such as the Gold Cup and Champion Hurdle, is a highlight for many spectators. Cheltenham’s atmosphere is electrifying, with enthusiastic audiences roaring on their favorites as they traverse difficult fences.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Here we have a new player in the horse racing game. A player that doesn’t need years of history to be included in the global horse racing map since they’ve got money. The UAE, and particularly Dubai is pushing many sports for a good reason. They see such events as the perfect opportunities to promote their country and boost their economy.

Quite a clever strategy, right?

Dubai has spent a lot of money in the last several years establishing a wealthy horse racing environment, and it has swiftly become the focus of the Middle Eastern horse racing world.

The Dubai World Cup is one of Dubai’s most extravagant horse racing tournaments. The annual Dubai World Cup, held at the Meydan Racecourse, features some of the world’s top horses and jockeys competing for a $12 million reward.

They even spent around $600 million only for training thoroughbred racehorses.

Dubai’s famed Thoroughbred horse race has been operating for almost 25 years and is conducted annually around the end of March end even though is not as big as the Kentucky Derby with 140,000 spectators, it is still relatively large accompanying around 60,000 horse racing fans.


Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong in China has quite a vibrant history with horse racing. The sport still hasn’t reached its full potential due to constant limitations and changes in legislation, but it is a great place to visit if you want some exciting races.

After all, Hong Kong has the world’s highest horse racing revenue, with the Hong Kong International Races being the most exciting horse racing event on the calendar.

You should also visit the Sha Tin Racecourse, which hosts some of the Hong Kong International Races, and many others. On top of that, it is in December, which is when there isn’t much happening on the global horse racing scene.


We go south from Hong Kong to Australia, where horse racing is embedded in their culture.

With its many races across the country, Australia provides many possibilities for horse racing enthusiasts to indulge their love while also enjoying luxurious vacation experiences.

The Melbourne Cup is one of the most popular races. This famous event, known as the “Race that Stops a Nation,” draws racing fans from all around the world.

The city comes alive with vivid fashion, lively social events, and heart-stopping racing. While watching the thunderous charge down Flemington Racecourse, don’t forget to savor the wonderful food, experience Melbourne’s cultural sites, and soak up the warm Aussie friendliness.