Meta Title: Online Slots Gambling – Examining Players’ Behavior

Meta Description: How do players’ preferences and gaming habits influence slot gambling? Check the article to learn more about the specifics of people’s behavior in slots.

In the past few years, the slot gambling industry has proven itself to be a big revenue generator for the world economy. According to the American Gaming Association’s report in 2011, only in 39 states of America there were more than 854,000 slot machines. What’s more, 84,680 of these slots were found in non-casino establishments.

Considering this massive attraction to online poker, it becomes imperative now more than ever to understand the way casino players’ behavior changes when playing slot games.

This article will shed light on the key aspects and behavior nuances associated with most slot enthusiasts. These include the factors influencing slot players’ choices, the impact of game themes, as well as their attitude towards jackpot games.

The Impact of Players’ Personality Traits on Slots Gaming

A study carried out in 2013 by Sandy Chen, Stowe Shoemaker, and Dina Marie on slot machine players’ segmentation proved that all slot enthusiasts are not the same. Each gamer comes with his own personality traits that impact the slots gambling session. In this study, the authors revealed some pretty impressive facts that perfectly apply to the modern slots industry.

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For example, it was made clear that every player has more innate action rather than pulling the lever. According to the comparison that was carried out between players with various gambling tastes, it was evident that slot gamblers were less competitive and not necessarily inspired by basic needs. On the contrary, they were more driven by impulsiveness coming from upper-hierarchy materialistic needs.

In addition, based on the 26 personality theory of Cattle, it was concluded that players engaged in slot games interact more with gambling sessions than other players. The reason behind this was mainly the need to overturn their lives through the wins. Data collected from the analysis showed that people who like to play slot games are typically low-income earners.

A Look at Slot Trumps Player Behaviour Report

Another interesting study that dives deep into the behavioral nuances of slot players is Slot Trump’s Player Behaviour Report. This report mainly concentrates on the Brazilian gambling segment and introduces various insights coming right from players’ experiences.


Precisely, it sheds light on what games the majority of players prefer, which slot features are the most demanded, and what are the general wagering behaviors of these players.

Here, let’s have a quick look at the key facts.

Leadin Game Features Preferred by Brazilian Players

As the report shows, 30% of games Brazilians prefer the most have no bonus features. But they don’t fail to top the rating due to their game mechanic predictability, as the biggest part of these slot machines tend to have classic themes, representing the online versions of their offline casino counterparts.


Top 3 features in these slots include:

  • Multiplier – 16%
  • Wild – 22%
  • Gamble Feature – 5%

As for the top retention feature among Brazilians, it’s free spins. According to the report, the availability of the free spins feature increases the average number of game sessions’ by nearly 74%.

Popular Game Themes Preferred by Brazilian Players

The most popular slot themes Brazilians like to play include the following.











Betting Behavior of Brazilian Players

Brazilian players are mostly attracted to slot machines that offer more thrilling gameplay. Thus, the wagers are 8 times higher for high volatility games.

In terms of total bets, however, the highest amounts of bets correlate with the average lowest bets. Gamers place smaller bets and extend the gameplay rather than wagering higher only in a few rounds.


Among the top 20 most favored slots, 60% aggregate the lowest average bets and the highest amounts wagered.

Some Final Notes

As online gambling continues to reach newer heights and attract more and more people to its community, the need to analyze and understand the behavior of players remains an actual matter. How they change the hierarchy of slot games, what makes them choose one game above another, or which features and themes resonate more with slot players are the “forever” questions asking for complete answers.

That’s the reason why, today, many specialists in the field conduct various analyses and experiments to uncover this topic as much as possible. Summing up the main conclusions made in these studies, we can say that the crucial factors impacting players’ choices are the level of excitement, bet sizes, winning chances, and thrilling features.