Many Australians when they experience a blockage in the pipes pour drain cleaners in there without really reading the instructions and not understanding the dangers that some of them present. Many drain cleaners can create very toxic fumes that if breathed in can cause considerable damage to your lungs. We also don’t think about what it is that we put down the drains throughout our home every single day and so we wash dishes that have cooking oil on them, we don’t put anything at the base of the shower tray to catch body hair and other dirt and we flush things down the toilet that we never should.


All of these things lead to blocked drains and so we then have to turn to the professionals to get us out of this sticky situation. You might try to remove the blockage using various devices by yourself but when it comes to Bondi blocked drains, you’re going to need some professional equipment every single time. If you need convincing as to why you should spend your hard-earned cash calling out a professional drain cleaning company then maybe the following can help you to make a smarter financial decision.

  • Getting rid of nasty odours – Imagine what is going on down there in your drains and you will soon realise that not only so, dirt and hair are blocking things but so many other elements as well. When your pipes are clogged up, bacteria will start to accumulate and this is where all of the bad smells come from throughout your home sweet home. There is nothing worse than brushing your teeth in the morning and the stench coming up from the drain hole. By calling out a professional service provider, you can be sure that the odours will be gone by the time they leave.
  • It saves time & money – It is important that you carry out regular maintenance of your drainage pipes so that you can save yourself lots of money further down the line. By carrying out regular maintenance, small issues will be spotted before they become much bigger problems and they become a lot more expensive to fix.
  • All of the latest technology – Your professional drainage company personnel don’t just walk around with a wrench and a plunger because there are so many other pieces of technology that modern service providers use. Many of them use high-pressure water to clear out the blockage and some use robots that they put down into the pipes to see exactly what is going on down there. These robots have cameras fixed to them and this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the technology that they use every single day for every job.


You get to enjoy all of the above benefits and by doing all of these things, you are reducing the chances of a blocked drainage pipe in the future. It’s all about maintaining your pipes so that they last longer and they do everything that you expect them to do.