The annual foreign holiday is a time that we all look forward to, a time when we can relax, unwind, and recharge our batteries and like most things, a foreign holiday goes smoother with a little planning. In this short article, we offer a few tips on arranging a foreign holiday to help you organize the perfect holiday abroad.

Last-Minute Cancellations – Let’s face it, things happen and for some, this means cancelling a booked holiday, which provides a golden opportunity for a cheap holiday. If you and your family can travel at short notice, you could  book one of the Maldives luxury villas at a fraction of the normal cost. Some people are afraid to leave their holiday booking to the last minute, yet we think that, with Google’s help, the perfect last-minute holiday awaits!


Visas – Of course, you need to check with the relevant embassy in your home country regarding whether or not you need a visa. Some countries offer specific nationalities visa exemption, while others offer a free visa-on-arrival and if you do need a visa, it can be applied for online. Of course, the visa situation is the first thing you should check, then apply online if you require one.

Comparing Travel Insurance – Google is not the number 1 search engine for nothing; it can find the cheapest holiday insurance in less than a second! Once you choose the policy, a secure online payment sees the cover activated and you can sleep well, knowing that you and your family are protected with comprehensive health & travel insurance.

Do Some Online Research – The more you know about your holiday destination, the richer your experience will be. You can plan each day’s activities and when you arrive, you will know exactly what to expect. Find out about the weather, the local customs and a little about the history of the country, which will help to make your holiday experience a bit richer. Here are a few great local attractions in Phuket, Thailand.

Currency Exchange – If you usually ask your local bank to prepare foreign currency for your foreign holiday, you won’t get the best rates. Even if you wait until you arrive in your destination country, don’t change money at the airport; rather wait until you get to the nearest city, where you will find the best exchange rates.


Keep All Essential Documentation in a Single Location – We recommend investing in a travel bag that you wear on your body like a sash; zip pockets are in all the right places, which means you can produce passports, tickets and boarding passes without having to rummage through your luggage.

If you are traveling with your family, the need for effective planning increases and we hope the above information helps you plan the perfect holiday. Whether you are visiting the Maldives or Southeast Asia, make sure that you apply for visas within a short time.