You can also save electricity in your free time. Here’s what you can do instead of video gaming and streaming to avoid boredom. Instead, try 22Bet.

Work is done, the household is finished, and free time awaits. Many people like to spend their free time literally “under power” with video games and streaming. In Germany alone, there are said to be over 34 million people who play computer and video games at least occasionally. And already, 42 percent of the over-14s regularly use streaming services.

However, these leisure activities go hand in hand with enormous power requirements. Video streaming, for example, consumes about 80 percent of the electricity used on the Internet. In view of the current gas shortage, saving electricity makes sense in order to reduce one’s own costs and, for climate protection reasons, to fundamentally reduce the need for natural gas.

But how to relieve boredom when you no longer want to run the latest series on a continuous loop or gamble for hours on end? Fortunately, there are many analog leisure activities that can also help you save electricity.

Get the Analog Games

You don’t necessarily need a controller or PC to play games: board and card games can also keep you busy for hours. In addition, analog games bring people together at a table and create an opportunity to spend time with friends more consciously.

The selection of board and card games is so vast that you’re sure to find ones that are just as fun as video games. If you can learn something on the side, games are a fulfilling activity that quickly banishes boredom.

Time For Projects

Creative impulses can come from boredom. If we don’t let ourselves be constantly bombarded by videos and games, our heads are free for new ideas, and we have enough time to implement them. Let your creativity run wild, and learn a new needlework technique.

Explore Nature

When was the last time you were consciously in nature – and completely “unplugged,” i.e., without headphones on your ears and smartphone in your hand? Spending time in nature is worth it not only because you don’t use electricity but also because it can be relaxing and enriching to mindfully explore forests, fields, and meadows.

Get Moving

More and more Germans are sitting too much. According to a study, 57.2 percent of men and 50.2 percent of women in Germany recently spent more than four and a half hours a day sitting.


So you can save energy and do something for your health at the same time by escaping boredom with sports. Of course, you don’t have to be a competitive athlete to be physically active. There are sports and leisure activities to get you moving for everyone.

Spruce Up the House, Spruce Up the House

It’s tempting to just play episode after episode on streaming services and let time pass. However, “searching” for a series is rarely truly satisfying – unlike becoming productive and seeing for yourself what you’ve accomplished in a few hours. For your next boredom phase, make a resolution to perhaps do some unpleasant things around the house, the completion of which will reward you with satisfaction.

What Is Boredom?

There is nothing wrong with having fun and entertainment when people are bored, but the meaningfulness of the activity should not be neglected. “The question should not be: How can I minimize my boredom? But rather: What arouses my genuine interest?”


Often, it is not possible to avoid boredom in everyday life. The important thing, she says, is to be aware of what you endure boredom for. Doing your tax return, for example, is boring, but it has an important goal.

But in the long run, boredom is not desirable, especially not in major areas of life such as a job, partnership, or being a parent. “If I find my life boring, then it is important to look and change it. To make that possible for everyone, regardless of their social position, we need to take boredom seriously in society.