So, you decided that you wanted to get in shape and start a new fitness routine! Great! However, after a few short weeks, you suddenly find yourself going less and less. Those goals you were so motivated to achieve seem to be going on the back burner when compared to your other priorities.

If this sounds like you, then it sounds like you could use a little motivation. The truth is you’re not the only person that struggles with staying committed to their workout routine. In fact, a recent survey showed that out of 300 people interviewed, less than 10% we’re still going to the gym after signing up for a membership after two years!

So what was their excuse? Here are some of the most common ones and how you can stop using them.

“I’m Too Tired”

We get it, you probably work long hours, and after a long day at the office, the last thing you feel like doing is going to the gym. It sounds much more appealing to go home and sit on your comfortable couch to watch your favorite series. However, you’d be surprised to find that working out can actually give you a second wind. That’s right; you may actually feel even more energized after a good sweat session!

Try to start with a light warm-up and slowly work your way up to a sweat. When you leave the gym, chances are you’ll feel even less tired than when you arrived. Thanks to a boost of endorphins and an accelerated heart rate, you may just find that a good workout works even better than a cup of coffee.

“I’m Too Busy”

Whether you have a busy social life, an action-packed home life, or a demanding job, your calendar can start to fill up quickly. However, the truth is that in the grand scheme of things, working out doesn’t actually take up that much of your time.


Start to measure how much of your day you spend doing less worthwhile activities, like scrolling your phone or watching a series. If you spend more than two hours a day on your phone, then you can throw the “I’m too busy” excuse right out the window.

The great thing about working out is that you can actually watch shows and scroll your phone at the same time as exercising!

“I Hate Working Out”

Hey, nobody really loves working out. But you can learn to enjoy it if you find the right activity to engage in. Perhaps it’s dance or maybe even swimming. The more you make an effort to find something that you truly enjoy, the more chances you have of keeping up with your exercise routine.


Experiment with a few different activities, and you might be surprised to find that something you never expected to love may become a passion. If you can manage to turn your workout routine into something you’re truly passionate about, then working out won’t feel like working at all, but rather playtime!