Watching movies is a good method of learning English. Today we will talk about some Netflix movies that will give you proper guidance to learn English properly. 

These movies are not only for learning English but also for learning the culture of the country. If you want to learn more about the culture of a particular country, then you should watch these movies. We will discuss some of them with subtitles. They are really awesome to learn English. 

Also, You can learn to speak English by watching these movies. These movies will teach you the pronunciation of English words.

There are several other methods to learn English, like reading books, listening to podcasts, having conversations with native speakers, or taking classes from native tutors. When you want to learn a foreign language, you need proper guidance from English tutors, and comparatively, AmazingTalker is a great place to get them.  

Best Netflix movies to learn English

Netflix is now broadcasting a lot of programs, and movies are also attracting an audience. Here we will talk about some movies to learn English and make our learning enjoyable. 

In The Tall Grass

The Tall Grass is a movie where a brother and sister lose their way in the field, and some exciting things happen. You can enjoy this movie with subtitles to enjoy and learn English. You can enjoy watching the movie to get more accustomed to speaking English. 

A Secret Love 

A Secret Love is a story of a baseball player who keeps her lesbian relationship secret, and it reveals after 70 years. Obviously, this is not a romance novel, but it is a story of a woman who kept her love secret for so long, and finally, she revealed it to the world. You can use the subtitle feature to understand and learn to speak in English. 

Under The Riccione Sun 

Under The Riccione Sun is a movie about some youths who pass their time at the beach and have romantic relationships. Here you can see the movie to learn English and enjoy it. With that being said, the movie is not only about having fun at the beach but also about the importance of having good relationships with people around you. Just enjoy the movie, and you will get a good storyline and some sentence-making ideas. 

Dangerous Lies 

Dangerous Lies is a thriller movie where a caregiver falls in trouble when the boss leaves a lot of property for her. There are a lot of ups and downs in the movie, just use the subtitle, and you will enjoy it better. Thereafter, the movie is based on a true story, and we all know that true stories are always more interesting than fiction. Use the movie to develop your English skill. 

Bird Box 

Bird Box is a mysterious movie where people are dying. Watch this movie to enrich your English skill. The story is also very heart-touching. The main characters are both amazing in their roles. 

Who Would You Take To A Deserted Island

It is a movie where four flatmates share a flat and they have some secrets. When they know the secret, there is a lot of chaos, you will enjoy the movie, and it is amazing to see it, just use the subtitle to get a lot of helpful things to know from this movie.

Earthquake Bird 

It is a movie about a translator and a photographer. There is a huge story among them here, and you will love the movie. Everything is in this movie from love, romance, and suspense; you can watch it to improve your English skills. There are a lot of facts in this movie that you will love to share with others. 

Love Wedding Repeat

It is the story of Jack, who is very hardworking and he wants to organize his little sister’s wedding without any interruption, but there are a lot of problems and chaos in the way. Just watch the movie and see how Jack manages all these things. It will help you to improve your English skill. 


It is a story of two friends, suddenly one fell sick of cancer and they have a terrible life. Here you can enjoy a family drama and use subtitles to learn good English here. 

6 Balloons

It is a story about a woman who drives all night and is addicted to heroin. She is in search of a detox center all night, a very horrible movie where you can see how life is hard. Here you can enjoy the story and improve your English skills.  


Learning English is not easy, but watching movies and knowing it is a better method. You can try this out, we have listed some movies and you can start with them. Start your English journey with some great movies. You also can start your English journey with AmazingTalker.

As we mentioned, when you want to learn a foreign language, you need proper guidance from English tutors and comparatively AmazingTalker is a great place to get them.