Instead of heading to the nearest ocean on vacation, people are increasingly interested in lakes. That is because, geographically, they are the closest to home. Opportunities to swim and enjoy the beach are plentiful all over the world. It is a nice change of pace from sports betting in Canada.

Europe, in particular, has a lot of great places to go for a lakeside vacation. In Italy, for example, you can easily find several places with amazing views and great food. Several lakes are surrounded by mountains. So after a hike, you can cool off by swimming. Or you can just sit by the lake and enjoy the magnificent view while having a gelato. You will have the same great memories and meet nice people as at the beach. Plus, it is more environmentally friendly. If you decided to travel with a car, be aware of malfunctions that can happen during the trip. is a website where you can find all types of car parts and accessories. They have a wide range of products and they are very competitive in the market.

Plus, it is easier to cross a lake to get to the other side than to explore the sea. And the deals are cheaper. 

Overall, it’s cheaper to spend some time at a lake than at the ocean. Even camping is an option. 

The Biggest Lakes In The World

There is plenty to see outside of Europe, too. Lakes can be found all around the globe. 

The largest is the Caspian Sea. Although it has a sea in its name, it is considered a lake. It is surrounded by five countries: Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and Russia. Even from space, you can see this body of water. 

The nearest body of water is located in Canada and the USA. It is called Superior. The Huron is also worth a trip. It is also located in these two countries. 

The third-largest is in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. It is known as Victoria. In Michigan in the USA, there is another lake with the same name. 

One of the most popular destinations for a nice stay is Lake Baikal. Even in winter, it is extraordinary. The view you can enjoy is unique. And there are many excursion possibilities around the lake. 

But also smaller lakes are a good destination for a vacation. Like Lake Como or Lake Gard. Every country has its own waters. Here you can get to know the cuisine, the history, and the culture. Instead of booking an expensive plane ticket, you can just go by car or even by train. With less stress.