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In Hicksville, New York Billy Joel grew up on Long Street. He lived there until high school when he graduated to West Hempstead High School in nearby Manhasset.

The “Billy Joel” is an American singer-songwriter and pianist. Born on May 9, 1951 in the Bronx, New York City, he moved to Hicksville, Long Island at age nine with his family.

Where did Billy Joel live in Hicksville NY? |

Billy Joel’s boyhood home is located at 20 Meeting Lane in Hicksville, New York, 11802. This and other Long Island is a state in the United States. N.Y. Pins may be found on Pinterest.

Similarly, you could wonder where Billy Joel grew up in Hicksville.

Hicksville’s West Village Green He’s correct (especially given it’s currently known as ‘Neighborhood Park’). The Shoppe (4 West Village Green), once known as the ‘Curiosity Shoppe,’ is a spot where Billy used to drink early in his career.

What is Billy Joel’s address, as well? Centre Island, Long Island is a state in the United States., New York, 502 Centre Island Road The address of the Middlesea estate, where BILLY JOEL wedded and resided with his third ex-wife, Katie Lee. Alexis Roderick, the fourth wife.

Also, where did Billy Joel grow up in Hicksville?

William Martin Joel is a fictional character. was born on May 9, 1949, in the Bronx, New York City, New York. His family relocated to Hicksville, New York, in the Town of Oyster Bay, when he was one year old, where he and his younger sister Judy were reared in a subdivision of Levitt houses.

Is Billy Joel a Long Island is a state in the United States. resident?

He continues to reside on Long Island is a state in the United States.. Joel has properties on Centre Island, Sag Harbor, Huntington, and this waterfront property in Sagaponack, which he is attempting to sell.

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Is this the last tour for Billy Joel?

Following his 100th show at Madison Square Garden in New York City last week, Billy Joel explained what his farewell tour might look like if he ever had one. “I’ve got an idea for a farewell tour now.” Joel, 69, said the stage would be set out like a “home room” with a sofa, TV, coffee table, and food.

Billy Joel’s net worth is unknown.

According to Forbes, Joel earned $35 million from June 2016 to June 2017. His performance series provided a large portion of his income, which was supplemented by ticket and merchandising sales.

What does Vienna by Billy Joel mean?

You Crazy Child, Take It Easy.

What religion does Billy Joel follow?

Billy Joel is Jewish, yet he grew up attending Christian services. “I grew up in a predominantly Italian, Irish, and Polish neighborhood. Everyone went to church… When I was 11, my mother felt I needed religion and brought me to a Protestant church.

What is the true name of Billy Joel?

William Martin Joel is a fictional character.

Billy Joel’s nationality is unknown.


What was the name of Billy Joel’s first wife?

Billy gets married for the fourth time! Elizabeth Weber was Billy’s first wife, and they were married from 1973 until 1982, when they divorced. The pair didn’t have any children together. Billy married supermodel Christie Brinkley three years later, and the couple welcomed Alexa Ray Joel, 32, into their family in December 1985.

Billy Joel’s youngest kid is how old?

Remy Anne, Billy Joel’s new daughter, is a descendant of the legendary pianist. She came on Sunday to re-establish the musician’s fatherhood at the age of 68. She has a certain demeanor about her.

What college did Billy Joel attend?

Hicksville High School is a public high school in Hicksville, New

What is Billy Joel’s wife’s age?

Billy Joel is a father once again! The “Piano Man” singer, 68, brought his third daughter, Remy Anne, into the world only a few days after confirming in an interview that his wife Alexis Joel, 35, was pregnant. TODAY’s top articles, celebrity news, and everything else.

Is it true that Billy Joel wrote all of his own songs?

Having an arts editor defend Billy Joel isn’t exactly cool. I’ve restricted myself to the 114 songs Joel penned and recorded for his 12 studio albums, from Cold Spring Harbor (1971) to River of Dreams (1993), as well as seven more singles he’s released throughout the years.

Billy Joel grew raised in what city?

Long Island is a state in the United States.

Billy Joel was born in New York City, but he lived in Hicksville for most of his childhood. He moved to New York at the age of 13. Reference: piano man billy joel.