shocking accident of Greene story

Greene’s story is one of the most famous stories in horror, and it has been retold many times with different variations.
This article explores a few ways that Greene may have actually killed his wife with an ax, as well as some of the theories about what happened during their time together on that fateful night.

What is the shocking accident of Greene's story? |

“A Shocking Accident,” by Graham Greene, is about a small kid named Jerome whose father is killed by a falling pig. When the other characters in the narrative learn about it, they can’t help but laugh, and Jerome attempts to make the story less startling so that it isn’t as hilarious.

What is the topic of a frightening accident in light of this?

Idea: The theme of “A Shocking Accident” is that if someone really loves you, they won’t mind if you make a fool of yourself. This is clearly shown at the conclusion of the tale, when everyone in his life, save his betrothed, had laughed at the horrific tragedy.

Which two characters use the word “shattering accident” in their dialogue? Jerome is the main character in Graham Greene’s short tale “A Shocking Accident.” We’ll talk about Jerome’s father, aunt, and fiancée Sally briefly to help you comprehend his relationship with the other characters.

Second, in a startling accident, what does the pig represent?

The flying pig that kills Jerome’s father is a metaphor for life’s absurdity. Death is one of those life occurrences that cannot be foretold or planned for. Reread the moment in which the housemaster informs Jerome of his father’s death.

When was the last time you read about a horrific accident?

In 1967, A Shocking Accident was written and published.

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When Jerome’s father died, where was he?


What caused Jerome’s father’s death?

What caused Jerome’s father’s death? He was killed by a pig. He was shot through the heart. He had a car accident.

What was Graham Greene’s contribution to literature?

Greene’s keen interest in the workings and intrigues of international politics and espionage can be seen in a number of works, including The Confidential Agent, The Quiet American, Our Man in Havana, The Human Factor, and his script for The Third Man.