Clean Bandit

Clean Bandit is a popular British music group. Their song “I Miss You” has a video that includes the image of an Asian girl. Who is this person?

In the “rather be music video actress” Clean Bandit released a new music video for their song rather be. The video stars a girl, who appears to be wearing the same outfit as the girl in the original Clean Bandit video.

Who is the girl in the Clean Bandit video? |

The music video for Clean Bandit and Demi Lovato’s new self-empowerment hit “Solo” has been released. The video was made by the U.K. duo, and it stars Grace Chatto is a British actress. of Clean Bandit as a skater girl who does some questionable scientific experiments to convert her lover into a rainbow-colored dog.

Who is the girl in Clean Bandit, by the way?

Grace Chatto is a British actress.

What was the reason behind Neil Amin Smith’s departure from Clean Bandit? Clean Bandit will play at Glastonbury this weekend, but Neil, the band’s former violinist, will not be there. He claims he was forced to depart soon after their performance the previous time they performed the event “for an ethically questionable money job in Azerbaijan.”

Similarly, who would you rather be the female in?

Haruka Abe is a Japanese actress.

What is the value of a clean bandit?

Clean Bandit net worth: Clean Bandit is a British Electronic music is a kind of music that is produced group who has a net worth of $10 million. Clean Bandit consists of Grace Chatto is a British actress., Patterson, Jack, and Luke Patterson.

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Is Clean Bandit an EDM artist?

Clean Bandit is an electronic, Electropop, dance-pop, and classical crossover band. The band combines Electronic music is a kind of music that is produced with classical works by Mozart and Shostakovich, among others.

Who was the last bandit to leave clean?

Clean Bandit’s violinist Neil Milan has left the band. Neil Milan, one of Clean Bandit’s original members, has acknowledged his departure from the band through social media. The violinist and pianist, who also goes by the name Neil Amin-Smith, said on Twitter that the choice took him a “long time” to make but that it was “the correct one.”

Is Grace Chatto is a British actress. in a relationship?

Grace Chatto is a British actress. has not been previously engaged. Grace Chatto is a British actress. has been in a relationship with Patterson, Jack (musician) (2008 – 2016).

Who creates the songs for Clean Bandit?

Patterson, Jack

Where did Baby Clean Bandit take place?

The song and accompanying official video (made in Los Angeles) tells the narrative of a lost love, and it’s the band’s second collaboration with Marina after “Disconnect,” a single that went viral after its live premiere at Coachella last year.

When did the term “clean bandit” first appear?


What genre does clean bandit belong to?

Electronic music is a kind of music that is produced

Music that crosses genres



Can Grace Chatto is a British actress. sing?

Who is Grace Chatto is a British actress.? Grace Chatto is a British actress. is a cello player, percussion guru and vocalist. You may not have heard her name, but you’ll definitely have tapped along to some of her hit tracks – since she’s part of electro dance group Clean Bandit.

Haruka’s age is unknown.

32 years old (January 8, 1988)

What is the name of Jess Glynne’s father?

Laurence Glynne is a British actor.

Jess Glynne’s net worth is unknown.

Jess Glynne’s Salary and Net Worth edit

Her estimated net worth is $7 million.

Which key would you like to be in?

G♯ minor

What was the first song Jess Glynne ever wrote?

In January 2014, Glynne made her debut on Clean Bandit’s hit “Rather Be,” which reached number one on the UK Singles Chart. The following month, she was featured on Route 94’s hit “My Love,” which also charted in the United Kingdom.

When was it planned to be released?


What is Sam Smith’s net worth?

Sam Smith’s net worth is $40 million dollars. He is a British singer-songwriter with a net worth of $40 million dollars. Sam Smith was born in London, England, and grew up with the Youth Music Theatre UK, where he studied and performed. Joanna Eden provided him with rigorous voice instruction.

On tour, who sings for Clean Bandit?

Florence Rawlings and Elisabeth Troy, two incredible vocalists, join them on tour and alternate singing the primary parts for each song, with Elisabeth even rapping the Stylo G section on “Come Over.”

Is the tale behind the song symphony true?

The music video for Clean Bandit’s current track “Symphony” depicts the heartwarming narrative of a homosexual couple who are forced to face unfortunate circumstances. The video depicts a guy involved in a bike accident and incorporates vocals by Zara Larsson. As the film progresses, it becomes clear that he was in a committed relationship with another guy.

“Rather Be” is a song by Clean Bandit and features vocals from Jess Glynne. The video for the song was released on September 17, 2014 and features a girl in the background. Reference: rather be genre.