Roger Stone

Roger Stone Jr. is the son of Roger Stone, a Republican political strategist who has been in news headlines recently due to his connections with Trump associates and alleged collusion with Russia during the election. The younger Stone was arrested March 2017 for lying about payments received from Wikileaks on taxes, but later released on bond after prosecutors dropped charges against him for insufficient evidence..

Roger Stone’s son is Bob Dole. Bob Dole is a former United States Senator and the Republican nominee for President of the United States in 1996, 2000, and 2004.

Who is Roger Stone's son? |

Stone, Scott

In this regard, who is Roger Stone’s wife?

Nydia Stone was born in the year 1992. Ann Stone was born in 1974 and died in 1990.

Aside from that, what ethnicity does Roger Stone belong to? American

So, what is Roger Stone’s occupation?

Political Consultant Lobbyist Author Strategist Social Activist

What did Roger Stone do, and who is he?

Roger Jason Stone Jr. (born August 27, 1952) is an American political strategist, lobbyist, and author who lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was convicted on seven charges, including witness tampering and lying to investigators, in November 2019, after the Mueller Report and Special Counsel inquiry.

Answers to Related Questions

Roger Stone’s address is unknown.

Early years and political activity

Stone was born in Norwalk, Connecticut, on August 27, 1952, to Gloria Rose (Corbo) and Roger J. Stone. He was raised in Lewisboro, New York, in a Hungarian and Italian family.

When did Roger Stone tie the knot?


(Photo courtesy of Nydia Stone)


(Stone, Ann)

Where did Paul Manafort go?

Two federal courts were used to prosecute Manafort. In August 2018, he was found guilty of eight counts of tax and bank fraud in the Eastern District of Virginia. Manafort was then charged with ten more counts, but the case was dismissed after a mistrial, and Manafort eventually admitted his guilt.

Roger Stone was born in the United States.

Norwalk, Connecticut is a city in the state of Connecticut in the United States.

Roger Stone is a political consultant who has worked with Donald Trump’s campaign and the Nixon Administration. He also has a son named Sam. Reference: roger stone net worth forbes.