The pop culture-themed lawsuit between Abby Chen and Paige Webb over the Star Wars franchise has been a long, emotional battle. The case was finally resolved in favor of Abby as reported by TMZ on March 10th, 2018.

The “did kelly win the lawsuit” is a question that has been asked for a long time. In February of 2018, it was finally answered with a court ruling.

Who won the lawsuit between Abby and Paige? |

One of the dance moms on Lifetime’s reality program Dance Moms will not be able to continue her assault case against Abby Lee Miller, the show’s teacher. Judge Ruth Ann Kwan of the Los Angeles Superior Court dismissed the lawsuit filed on behalf of Paige Hyland on Thursday, ruling that there was insufficient evidence to support the allegation.

Was Kelly successful in her case against Abby in light of this?

Following the event, Kelly filed a $5 million lawsuit against Abby, while Abby Lee Miller filed a case against Hyland for assault. Following the court hearings, Hyland was barred from contacting Abby Lee Miller in any fashion, even via social media platforms like Twitter.

Also, how much did Paige pay Abby when she sued her? In February 2014, Hyland stated she was suing the “Dance Moms” actress for $5 million in defamation and assault after a struggle aired in a Season 4 episode of the show ended in Hyland being arrested and charged with assault.

Then there’s the question of why Paige filed a lawsuit in the first place.

Paige Hyland, then 13 years old, sued Miller in October 2014, but her complaint was dismissed. Abby Lee Miller was charged in Pittsburgh on October 13, 2015, on allegations of hiding her earnings from her appearances on the program in 2012 and 2013.

After punching Abby, what happened to Kelly?

She was accused of assault. Kelly was charged with assault on the dancing instructor after the altercation, which aired on Lifetime. She was eventually found not guilty of all chargesOpens in a new Window., with the condition that she attend two days of therapy and agree to keep away from Abby for six months.

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Why did Chloe decide to quit the dancing moms?

Lukasiak’s mother concluded that the climate of the TV program, along with her own unpleasant relationship with Miller, was damaging to her daughter, and they chose to quit ALDC after the national competition in Los Angeles in July 2014 (filmed for an episode broadcast October 7, 2014).

Will Paige and Brooke return to ALDC?

Meanwhile, Dance Track Magazine asks the ALDC to participate in a back-to-school picture session, and each girl is given a new identity. Only one female, however, is chosen for the cover. After Kelly’s meltdown, Brooke and Paige leave.

Kelly Hyland is a married woman.

Randy Hyland (Randy Hyland)

m. 1996

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