Grant Scicluna’s Downriver Launches Pozible Campaign!

We here at The Lowdown Under are big fans of Grant Scicluna and his creative partner Janine Barnes after the sterling award winning short The Wilding. Well, the gang are at it again with this new feature Downriver that they’ve put the call out for crowd funding! Check it out here!

This from the campaign page:

The story of the project

SYNOPSISDOWNRIVER is a mystery drama feature film. Teenager James has served time for drowning a little boy when he was a child, although the body was never found. With little time and danger at every turn, James must uncover dark truths if he is to return the boy’s body to his grieving mother.DOWNRIVER is a film in the style of WINTER’S BONE, THE BOYS or the TV series TOP OF THE LAKE. The film is confronting, dark, tense and will be controversial. It is also a tender story about friendship and forgiveness. This is the very reason why it is worth doing.We believe there’s an audience hungry for strong, emotional, complex material. We need your help to raise the final portion of the budget to enable us to start production in September.

Thanks for supporting our film!
Grant Scicluna (writer/director) and Jannine Barnes (producer)


We have worked for many years to get to this point. The first draft was written while Grant was a budding writing student! Ten years later, we are inches away from production.

Two years ago we made the short film THE WILDING. To a degree it precedes the story of DOWNRIVER. It was selected to screen In Competition at the Berlin International Film Festival and won numerous international film festival awards including the IRIS PRIZE, the world’s largest LGBT short film prize.

THE WILDING is one of the reasons we’re on the brink of making our first feature film. We have received commitments from investors including Screen Australia, Melbourne International Film Festival, a distributor and an international sales agent. But….We have only received their commitment on the condition that we raise the remaining amount ourselves. This is why we’re asking you to help us. This film will not happen without you!

We are very proud to represent a low budget methodology for feature film production in Australia. We are working as a shoestring team with only a key crew of about 20 people (down from at least 35 on most feature films). We’re finding ways to be smarter, leaner and more creative than ever before.

We’re committed to ensuring that all of the cast, crew and facilities on this production are paid the minimum rates due as professionals in the industry, and that we abide by all our obligations as an employer and producer.

DOWNRIVER will be shot and finished to a world-class standard.

We’ve attached an exciting international cast whom we can’t wait to tell you about. Some of the best known and most loved actors from Australia and New Zealand who have worked on major Australian and International productions.

Our crew include international award-winners DoP Laszlo Baranyai, Sound Designer Emma Bortignon as well the post-production team at DDP Studios – who have finished films such as SNOWTOWN, MARY & MAX, THESE FINAL HOURS and THE GREAT GATSBY.

We also have a number of crew and cast members for whom this will be their first feature film, such as our editor Anthony Cox and our composers Groove Quantize. A feature credit establishes careers, so by supporting DOWNRIVER, you’re helping launch careers of so many of our talented cast and crew.

This film is extremely personal to those who have worked on it to this stage. We’ve poured years into script development and battled impossible odds to raise most of our budget. Please help us raise this little bit extra to help us cover a gap in our financing.

This is more than the final bit of money. This is about bringing you along to become our partners in the film’s production. You can pledge a small amount in return for some great rewards and our eternal gratitude, or you can make a larger donation to become more intimately involved in making DOWNRIVER with us.

Thank you!

We hope you will consider becoming a Patron of our Film.

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