13 Reasons Why

As the series that depicts a girl’s suicide comes to an end, people wonder who was on it. Fans have been theorizing since the beginning of season 2 and watching the episode over again online turned up some interesting clues in Hannah’s final message.

The “13 reasons why tapes in order” is a question that has been asked by many. The first tape of the series was released on March 31, 2017.

Who was on the first tape 13 Reasons Why? |

This is the first episode of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, in which Clay Jensen begins listening to Hannah Baker’s first recording. This is the longest of the thirteen tapes. Tony’s “Sony Walkman” is playing this.

Also, in 13 Reasons Why, who was on tape 1?

Justin Foley is an American actor.

On 13 Reasons Why, what episode is Clay’s tape? In episode 11, the big disclosure occurs, but Clay discovers that despite being on the recording, he was not one of Hannah’s 13 reasons. Hannah states on the audio, “Clay, Helmet, your name does not belong on this list.”

It’s also important to know who had the recordings before Clay.

Clay was on side A of tape 6. Sheri was the one who had the videos before Clay. This indicates that Sheri was the one who sent him the recordings.

What happened to Hannah as a result of Zach’s actions?

Zach doesn’t have anything to do with Hannah Baker at first. He’s on the recordings because, as a form of retaliation for her rejection, he began swiping praise notes from her paper bag during a class they shared.

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So, what exactly did Clay do to Hannah?

Clay Jensen, a student who was extremely fond of Hannah, is particularly interested in the recordings. Clay, on the other hand, does not damage Hannah in the same way that his classmates do. Hannah, on the other hand, decides to include him in the recordings because she believes he needs to hear her side of the tale.

What’s on Clay’s tape, exactly?

Clay Jensen, Side A, Tape 6

Clay ultimately discovers his part in Hannah’s death after listening to ten recordings.

In 13 Reasons Why, what was the 13th reason?

13 Reasons Why is based on Jay Asher’s best-selling novel and follows adolescent Clay Jensen as he comes home from school to discover a mystery package with his name on his doorstep. He finds cassette records made by Hannah Baker, his classmate and crush, who sadly committed herself two weeks before.

Marcus Thirteen Reasons Why, what happened to him?

In 13 Reasons Why, what did Marcus do? Marcus was on tape 6 in the first season for attempting to sexually attack Hannah on a date, and he has been outspoken in his efforts to get the recordings suppressed. Marcus lies in court in season two, claiming Hannah freaked out on him because “she wasn’t into me,” while she was really onto Bryce.

Clay Jensen is a tape.

Tape 6

In order, who were the 13 reasons why?

Here’s the whole list:

  • Tape 1 Justin Foley is an American actor.. (Image: REX/Shutterstock)
  • Jessica Davis, Jessica Davis, Jessica Davis, Jessica Davis, Jessica Davis, Jessica Davis, Jessica Jessica makes her appearance in court (Image: 058A2851)
  • Alex Standall’s third tape.
  • 4 Tyler Down on Tape (the peeping Tom)
  • Courtney Crimson, tape 5.
  • Marcus Cole, Tape 6
  • Zach Dempsey (Tape 7)
  • Ryan Shaver, tape number eight.

What is the identity of tape 9?

On 13 Reasons Why, who is the Tape 9 Girl? Jessica Davis (Alisha Boe) is the nameless girl from “Tape 9,” a tape in which Hannah describes how she hid in a closet during a loud party and saw Jessica being raped by her boyfriend Justin’s best friend Bryce.

Is Tony smitten by clay?

Tony has a thing for Clay, and we’re all in for #Clony. It would explain a lot, including why he spends SO MUCH TIME taking care of Clay. Without a question, he needed to be looked after.

How did Clay get his hands on the tapes?

Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) gets cassette records from his crush Hannah (Katherine Langsford) after she commits herself in the episode. One side of the cassette is devoted to Clay, while the other half is dedicated to one of the persons involved in her death.

Are Hannah’s parents aware of the recordings?

On the second side of the final cassette, he captures Bryce admitting to raping Jessica and Hannah in the TV series. Tony puts the recordings onto a USB stick and presents them to Hannah’s parents in the last episode. Mr. and Mrs. Baker are seen listening to the cassettes towards the conclusion of the season.

Hannah Baker committed suicide in what way?

The plot (television series) Hannah Baker, a 17-year-old teenager, committed suicide by slashing her wrists at the start of the series.

Why did Hannah give Tony the tapes?

Hannah produced the videos, Tony said, so that others would understand what she was going through. Tony had gone to the Bakers’ residence and explained that Hannah had given him the videos because he owed her money. When the cops came for Tony, Hannah concealed him.

In 13 Reasons Why, what episode is the restroom scene?

The scenario in issue occurs roughly 38 minutes into the season two finale, episode 13 titled Bye. Tyler is traumatized by the assault, prompting him to plan a high school gun massacre in retaliation.

Hannah Baker made how many tapes?


What city is the setting for 13 Reasons Why?


In 13 Reasons Why, who is Ryan Shaver?

Dorfman, Tommy

In Thirteen Reasons Why, what is Tony’s last name?

Christian Lee Navarro (born August 21, 1991) is an American actor who starred in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why as Tony Padilla.