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Lola Calvo is a Cuban singer. In addition to being one of the most successful international performers in Latin America, she has also become known as an advocate for LGBT rights and gender equality

Lola Calvo was a Cuban singer who was born in Havana in 1891. She died in 1960, but her father continued to sing with the same name until his death in 1978.

Who was Lola Calvo Cuban singer? |

Victoria Yol Raymond Lupe

Who was Lola Calvo in real life, anyway?

La Lupe

When did La Lupe pass away, too? 29th of February, 1992

Similarly, how did Lola Calvo’s spouse pass away?

During that decade, Fania re-released her tracks on Tico labels, and several of her albums reached platinum in Spain and Latin America. She died of a heart attack in the Bronx in 1992 at the age of 53, leaving behind her husband William Garcia, their daughter Rainbow, and her son Rene Camaro.

Who was Celia Cruz’s closest companion?

Celia Cruz’s Longtime Friend Explains Why the Salsa Legend Never Visited Cuba. Manu Manzo was just two years old when she posed for a picture with one of her abuela’s dearest pals.

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What happened to Lola, Celia Cruz’s friend?

“La Faraona” died of breast cancer in 1995, at the age of 72, and was laid to rest at Madrid’s Cementerio de la Almudena. Antonio Flores, her heartbroken 33-year-old son, committed himself by overdosing on barbiturates shortly after her death and was buried near her. The biopic Lola, la pelicula was released in 2007.

Lola Calvo married who?

Lupe began a new career in New York City, performing in a cabaret called La Berraca and selling more than ten CDs in five years. She married Willie Garca, a salsa musician with whom she had a son, for the second time.

What was Pedro Knight’s net worth?

According to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb & Various Online resources, famous Family Member Pedro Knight’s net worth is $51 Million before He died. He earned the money being a professional Family Member. He is from Cuba.

Who was Celia Cruz’s opponent?

La Lupe aka La Yiyiyi, born Victoria Yol Raymond Lupe (Santiago de Cuba, 23 December 1936 The Bronx, New York, 29 February 1992), was a Cuban-American singer of several musical genres: boleros, guarachas and latin soul in particular.

What caused Celia Cruz’s death?


What is the name of Celia Cruz’s sister?

Ramos, Dolores

Gladys Bécquer is a character in the film Gladys Bécquer

What is the location of La Lupe’s grave?

New York, United States, St Raymond New Cemetery

Did La Lupe have any children?

Camao, René


Garca Rainbow


What was the name of La Lupe’s husband?

Reyes, Eulogio

1958–1960 m.

Garca, William

m. ?–1992

What was the true name of La Lupe?

GuadaVictoria Yol Raymond Lupe

In Celia, who portrays Celia Cruz?

Jeimy Osorio is a character in the film Jeimy Osorio

What is the total number of Celia episodes available on Netflix?

There are 80 episodes in all.

Celia Cruz left Cuba for a variety of reasons.

On July 15, 1960, Celia departed Cuba. Celia’s mother died in 1962, and when Celia asked permission to visit her to bury her, the Cuban embassy refused her a visa. “If I can’t return to bury my mother, I’ll never return,” she remarked at that point.

What does Celia Cruz mean when she says Azucar?

“Azucar, the Life and Music of Celia Cruz” is the title of the exhibition. Although the word “azucar” technically means “sugar,” it was used by Cruz as a “war cry” and a reference to the African slaves who labored on Cuba’s sugar fields, as Perez points out.

What influence did Celia Cruz have on the world?

Until a year before her death, she collaborated with Reggaeton and Hip Hop performers. Until the very end, Celia Cruz was unstoppable. She also paved the door for female musicians like Gloria Estefan, La India, and Olga Tanon to follow in her footsteps. While the world is a worse place as a result of her death, we commemorate the Queen of Salsa’s life.

Who is the Salsa Queen?

rsula Hilaria Celia Caridad Cruz Alfonso rsula Hilaria Celia Caridad Cruz Alfonso rsula Hilaria Celia

What brought Celia Cruz and Pedro Knight together?

Knight and Cruz met in Havana in 1950, when she replaced the lead vocalist of one of the island’s most prominent bands, La Sonora Matancera. They became fast friends, but “there was nothing more,” Knight told the Miami Herald in 2004.

Lola Calvo was a Cuban singer who married the famous musician Ernesto Lecuona. Reference: lola calvo and her husband.