U.S. Weekend Box Office Round Up Fri 24 – Sun 26 Aug, 2018

It’s still all things Crazy Rich Asians (3,526 screens) which remains top of the dais this week with $25m, sporting an extraordinary hold of 6% off from weekend one. That’s the best second weekend hold of a number one opening film release all year in terms of business drop off and further cements the heft of the film. Clearly crossing over outside of Asian-American audiences, the film is now sitting just shy of $77m domestically on a $30m budget, and with a screen average hovering at $7,091 there’s plenty of juice left in this orange, gang. Many international territories are yet to release the film (Australia is on sneaks this weekend with opening on Thursday) which will push its fortunes even higher. What is most interesting, however, is that China has no plans to schedule it at all. $160m+ U.S. domestic.

The Meg (4,031 screens) is still kicking on in weekend 3 with a $12.2m gross, 42% off from last frame, on a $3,027 screen average. With $104.4m in the domestic tank thus far, the big fish is slowing down and a $140m finish is most likely here. Get this, though, globally the film has hit $390m+ already and is, by all means, a hit. This also comes with news that the formalised final budget for The Meg is $130m and it is now the highest grossing Shark attack movie since Jaws (unadjusted). Its a big result for a big fish! Where’s that sequel announcement?

The Happytime Murders (3,256 screens) disappoints on opening with $10.2m on a $3,133 screen average. That’s the worst opening of a Melissa McCarthy vehicle with her name as the banner star on a project that she and husband Ben Falcone produced. The gimmick hard R puppet noir also drew the ire of critics who slammed it with 22% rotten (I saw it yesterday with my review to follow) with the consensus saying it doesn’t deliver on it’s intriguing premise. With a $40m production budget, the film looks likely to finish around the $25-$30m in domestic sales and international will add another $10-$15m so it will be up to home entertainment to bring this enterprise back in the black.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout (3,052 screens) rolls into its 5th weekend with an $8m gross on a $2,621 screen average as it sheds 25% of its business from last weekend. With $194m in the domestic tank, the film is now $1.5m off outgrossing Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation and is comfortably on its way to a $210m+ domestic result with will also edge out Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol‘s $209.4m domestic finish. Globally, Mission: Impossible -Fallout has crossed $530m with China due to roll into cinemas this week (that’ll add another $150m to the takings).

Mile 22 (3,520 screens) sheds 56% of its opening weekend business for a $5.9m gross on a deathly $1,676 screen average. Ouch! With $25m in the kitty season to date, this puppy is looking at a $30m+ finish top end and will mark the worst performing Mark Wahlberg/Peter Berg vehicle in their film collaborations thus far. Me thinks that franchise concept they were gunning for here ain’t gonna happen.

Alpha (2,719 screens) slips 44% in weekend 2 for $5.8m on a $2,133 screen average. Sadly, this puppy is all but over, too. With $20.4m in the domestic piggy bank for the $55m production, the finish line is shaping up at near $30m with eyes turning to modest international play off and home entertainment to bring this baby home.

Christopher Robin (3,394 screens) garners $5.6m in weekend 4, off 37%, to earn a $1,650 screen average. Bringing the domestic total to $76.8m, it’s now crossed $100m in global sales for the rumoured $70m production. This weekend also marks the film surpassing its like-for-like competitor Pete’s Dragon which grossed $76.2m domestically. Shifting now to weekend trade as the kids return to school, this should go close to $90m before finishing up Stateside.

Blackkklansman (1,914 screens) gobbles up $5.1m in weekend 3 after adding another 126 screens to sport a modest $2,665 screen average. With $31.8m in the domestic kitty so far, and around $40m globally, this $15m production is well on its way (if it hasn’t already) to working in profit. $45m U.S. should be where it comes in and, hey, a 3x multiplier is a heavenly result for any film!

Slender Man (2,065 screens) takes $2.6m in weekend 3 on a $1,259 screen average to bring the domestic gross to $25.2m for the $10m production. Globally, the film is nudging $30m having only opened in 5 other territories (Russia, Indonesia, Poland, Sweden, Aruba) and those special event screenings in Australia. Another 3x multiplier in the list for U.S. domestic, Sony’s earned some coin off this and home entertainment should give a nice bit of back end currency, too.

A.X.L. (1,710 screens) opens and bombs with $2.5m on a $1,462 screen average. The independent sci-fi of a boy who finds a military sentient doglike machine and befriends it couldn’t catch any muster at the arse end of the school holidays. Critics abandoned it, too, smashing it with a 22% rotten score with the consensus being the film lacks heart and personality (ouch!).  This is all over for $6m.

In Cinemas Friday 31 August, 2018 – Kin, Searching, The Little Stranger, Ya Veremos

Figures from Deadline