Nico, 1988 Trailer

Synopsis: Perhaps you weren’t around when Nico sang with Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground during the ‘60s, and maybe you missed the acclaimed documentary on the dazzling blonde chanteuse, NICO ICON (which Film Forum premiered in 1996). Now you can catch up with her in this riveting drama, written and directed by Italian filmmaker Susanna Nicchiarelli (COSMONAUT). It tracks Nico in her final years (1986-88) as she performs in black leather leggings and boots on a ramshackle tour throughout Europe, her entourage a bevy of sycophants who want to hear about the glory years she’s desperate to flee, as she rebuilds her relationship with her neglected, only son, Ari. Still very much “the priestess of darkness,” her smoky, heroin-infused voice is brilliantly re-created by Danish actress Trine Dyrholm (THE COMMUNE, the Academy Award-winning IN A BETTER WORLD), in this story of counterculture dystopia gone to seed.