Listen: ‘Purple & Green’ by Hurst

In true DIY punk rock fashion, ‘Purple & Green’ was self-produced and self-recorded. In fact, the recording took place in the bedroom of Nick, the drummer’s house! The band further embraced this DIY approach, choosing to direct and produce the music video for the track themselves.

“We spent zero dollars putting together our music video for “Purple & Green”, but you can probably tell. So we capitalised on the lo-fi factor, channelling an old school DIY video feel and visual effects you used to find on Windows Movie Maker.

The song was written about my balancing act between how I think and how I feel. We did multiple takes showing apathy, happiness, anger and erratic behaviour to show you the polarising experience inside my head. It chops and changes, is sometimes uncontrollable, confusing and can be very isolating. I can’t explain it, but I have an assurance in some kind of silver lining that it’ll make sense soon.”

– Ana Veira (vocals/rhythm guitar)