Listen: ‘Dumbo Romeo’ E.P. by Swerve

Los Angeles alt-rock quartet Swerve have released their new EP Dumb Romeo. The EP is available for streaming & purchase at Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes.

“We think the music on Dumb Romeo is sincere while playful; although the lyrics touch on some dark or sad themes, there’s always a wink accompanied with it because that’s who we are,” explains vocalist Greg Mahdesian. “The hours we spend songwriting and rehearsing are interspersed jokes and tails from nights out – we’re definitely a band that likes to hang out together – and that comes through in the music. We like to straddle the line between humor and sincerity. The song “Dumb Romeo” touches on the desire to be remembered, but it’s also making fun of that. That song kind of just naturally evolved out of us jamming on a rockabilly/country riff, and is still evolving. Likewise, ‘Kennedy’ is a triumphant pop song with an irrational main lyric that gets darker the more you think about it. We’ll be jamming on Blur’s ‘Coffee and TV’ and then immediately transition to Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid”, so it feels natural for us to write a jangly song like “Tear This Down” about a mental breakdown and then play a blues-rock song like “Know It All” about being a smart ass. That’s probably the reason why Dumb Romeo ends up sounding the way it does, and it’s why it was the perfect title for this record.” 

Swerve originally began as a moniker for music created by Los Angeles native Greg Mahdesian. But what initially began as a solo project eventually became a full-fledged band. Greg solely composed all of the songs on Swerve’s self-titled debut EP and hired producer Brandon Duncan to record them. So, when it came time to recruit musicians in order to perform live, Greg naturally asked Brandon to join on bass, his old college friend, Ryan Berti, on guitar, and Mark Gardner on drums.

It was during the recording sessions of Swerve’s sophomore EP, Dumb Romeo, when the group truly came into fruition. Instead of Greg dictating all of the songwriting, he encouraged his bandmates to collaborate. The process was wholly organic and allowed them to expand their sonic palette by being able to individually focus on their respective talents. The outcome is a collection of dynamic tracks that could only be the result of intuitive synergy. “I’ve never dreamed of being on stage with the crowd chanting my name,” says Greg. “I’ve always wanted to be part of a true band. It’s just more fun.”

The band will play their EP release show on June 26 at The Bootleg with support from TEST & Lone Kodiak. Event info & tickets can be found here.

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