Listen: ‘Every Man is a Pyramid Scheme’ by Faux Bandit

Brisbane represents again with celebrated rock duo Faux Bandit as they drop their new stunner Every Man is a Pyramid Scheme. Infectious, driven, addictive riff work abounds!

Brisbane has a knack for producing high adrenaline, blitzing rock and this duo, Faux Bandit, are giving anyone in their way the stiff arm with their new single ‘Every Man Is A Pyramid Scheme’.

Since the release of their sophomore EP ‘Flex’ at the beginning of the year where the single ‘Kill The Comedown Bug’ was picked up by Triple J and community radios, Faux Bandit has supported touring acts of the likes of StrangersInterimPLTSand plenty more.

Their new release ‘Every Man is A Pyramid Scheme’ — recorded by Yanto Browning at Airlock Studios — delves deeper into these bandits bold psyche, and critical cynicism triggered off by the inept nature of man and well… the idiots who knowingly push their pyramid schemes.

Faux Bandit have taken the business model of a pyramid scheme and applied it to the building of character and personality. Ultimately they are saying that each person is piecing together their pyramid scheme based on interests and the things that they like — culture, art, and even people — and then use it as extensions of themselves for better or for worse. Frontman Adam Brill states:

“You have all these things out there working towards building your personality, little opinions that add up to make a pyramid scheme of a person.”

If you like to rock out and rage against societal norms, Faux Bandit’s new track is up your alley.

To close out the year Faux Bandit is holding a dual single launch with Strangely Enough on the 24th of November at Brisbane’s Flamin’ Galah with other special guests.