U.S. Weekend Box Office Round Up Fri 15 – Sun 17 Sept, 2017

It (4,148 screens) is just the gift that keeps on giving as it plunders near $60m for its second weekend. Falling 51% week on week, a miraculous hold given the $123m opening weekend, the film has now gobbled up $219m domestically and now looks to knock over $300m before the end of its North American run. Extraordinary. The $35m production has now crossed $330m globally and ranks #2 all time best horror behind The Exorcist.

American Assassin (3,154 screens) disappoints on opening with $15.5m on a $4,914 screen average. Standing in the shadow of It didn’t help matters nor did the lack of critical support as it landed on 36% rotten. The $33m production and hopeful franchise starter (though unlikely now) looks to come in around the $40m mark domestically.

mother! (2,368 screens) goes out wide on a gamble and it doesn’t pay off as the film fizzes with $7.8m on opening on a $3,294 screen average. The $30m production was modestly received by critics landing 60% fresh score but audiences hated it awarding the picture an F. Banking on the star power of Jennifer Lawrence and the pedigree of Aronofsky’s Black Swan and Requiem for a Dream moreso than Noah (which didn’t get a mention anywhere in the prebuzz), it’s understandable why the movie went so wide (and the price tag) but it just didn’t translate into bums on seats. Mainstream audiences went in for a straight up horror movie and got an Aronofsky movie. All over for $20m.

Everything below here is ripe for the screen slaying to make way for Kingsman: The Golden Circle, The Lego Ninjago Movie and Friend Request which all open this Friday.

Home Again (3,036 screens) falls 38% in weekend 2 for $5.3m to bring the gross to $17m. It’s another fizzer for Open Road. All over for $22m.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard (3,272 screens) crosses $70m domestically on its way to a $75m finish. With Kingsman: The Golden Circle coming in this week, kiss this puppy goodbye across the screens.

Wind River (2,619 screens) crosses $29.1m domestically as it aims to finish on $33m.

Annabelle: Creation (2,117 screens) crosses $99.5m as it heads for a $105m finish. It has now officially outgrossed 2014’s Annabelle‘s $84.5m gross and should sneak past The Conjuring 2‘s $103m domestic finish.

Leap! (2,416 screens) limps to $18.6m on its way to a $21m finish.

Spider-Man: Homecoming (1,436 screens) crosses $330m on its way to a $333m finish. That’s just $3.5m shy of Spider-Man 3‘s domestic result.

Dunkirk (1,478 screens) crosses $185m on its way to a $188m finish.

Brad’s Status (4 screens) opens to $88,000 on a $22,000 screen average. The Ben Stiller led indy comedy drama scored with critics landing an 83% fresh score for the East Coast set film about a father and his musical prodigy son’s road trip to College.

In Cinemas Friday 22 September, 2017 – Kingsman: The Golden Circle, The Lego Ninjago Movie, Friend Request, Battle of the Sexes, Victoria and Abdul, Stronger, Woodshock

Figures from Deadline

1.) It  (NL/WB), 4,148 theaters (+45) / $19.2M Fri. (-63%) /3-day cume: $60M (-51%)/Total: $218.7M/Wk 2

2.) American Assassin (CBS/LG), 3,154 theaters / $5.7m Fri. (includes $915k previews) /3-day cume: $15.5M /Wk 1

3.) Mother! (PAR), 2,368 theaters / $3.1M Fri. (includes $700k previews) /3-day cume: $7.8M /Wk 1

4.) Home Again (OR), 3,036 theaters (+96) / $1.67m (-44%) Fri. /3-day cume: $5.3M (-38%)/Total: $17M/Wk 2

5.). Hitman’s Bodyguard (LG), 3,272 theaters (-50) / $1M Fri. / 3-day cume: $3.5M (-27%)/Total: $70.3M /Wk 5

6.) Wind River (TWC), 2,619 theaters (-271) / $764K Fri. / 3-day cume: $2.5M (-20%)/Total: $29.1M/Wk 7

7.). Annabelle: Creation (NL/WB), 2,117 theaters (-886) / $714K Fri.  /3-day cume: $2.2M (-45%)/Total: $99.5M/Wk 6

8.). Leap! (TWC), 2,416 theaters (-275)/ $461K Fri.  /3-day cume: $2.1M (-13%)/Total: $18.6M/Wk 3

9.) Spider-Man: Homecoming (SONY/MARVEL), 1,436 theaters (-221)/ $498K Fri./3-day cume: $1.96M (-2%)/Total: $330.3M/Wk 10

10.) Dunkirk (WB), 1,478 theaters (-632)/ $385K Fri.  /3-day cume: $1.3M (-28%)/Total: $185.1M/Wk 8


Brad’s Status (APNA), 4 theaters / $28K Fri. /PTA: $22k/3-day cume: $88K /Wk 1