Liam Neeson Says Yes To $20m & Signs Up For ‘Taken 3’?

taken-2-poster2For a guy that’s 61 years old to be earning $20m for a picture ain’t half bad, eh? Well that’s apparently happening as TAKEN 3 is scheduled to roll into production with Liam Neeson in negotiations to reprise his role as Bryan Mills once again. Famke Jannsen and Maggie Grace are also slated to be brought back in for part 3, says Deadline, and the Taken 2 director Olivier Megaton will most likely return as director.

TAKEN (2009) – Budget $25m – Worldwide Gross – $226.8m

TAKEN 2 (2012) – Budget $45m – Worldwide Gross – $376.1m

Do the math on that baby! Taken is one of the most profitable film franchises around.