Aza’s 2 Line Review – Monsters University – It’s Exactly Like Me! Unnecessary, Superfluous, Trite But Pretty & Fun All The Same.

monsters_universityMonsters University is an unnecessary movie.. Then again most any sequel or prequel is except for when the original makes a truck load of cash and you can continue to reap squillions out of it. Monsters banking its hand on the fact that sentimentality will get you back into the cinema and judging by the U.S. result and Aussie one that card worked. There’s no doubt that since Up Disney/Pixar have certainly dulled the concept edge of the animation house by releasing sequels to their films – Toy Story 3, Cars 2 (urgh), Monsters University, Finding Dory and I’m waiting for The Incredibles 2 to be announced. But they do have some new ideas in future projects.

The erroneous plot of Monsters University is essentially a riff on Revenge Of The Nerds. A rag tag pair of mismatched monsters overcome University pressures to become bests. Thrown in is as many pop culture references as possible all dunked in a huge vat of Disney saccharine. Revenge Of The Nerds has a sincerity about it. Monsters University, unfortunately, does not. This is pretty stock standard stuff from the mouse house all designed to be cross merchandised into T-Shirts, Lunch Boxes, Games, Sheets, Colouring Books and walls of apparel.

Outside of the rote and trite screenplay, where Monsters University wins is in the animation department. This puppy is beautiful to look at. It’s insanely cute and colourful and the technology in computer animation continues to marvel. Pixar continue to lead the world in this department and even the 3D rendering here is exceptional.

All in all Monsters University is a pretty entertainment that is instantly forgettable. It’s not a punishing experience in all its cutesy but it’s just disappointing that there is no real originality on show here. If you’re going to go to school here you’re on pretty safe ground.