Aza’s 2 Line Review – Damage – Jimmy Eat World – Like Welcoming An Old Friend Back In The Room. There’s Something New Yet Familiar, Shiny Yet Known, Shimmering & Unmistakable – Jimmy Eat World It’s Great To Have You Back!


Jimmy Eat World have become more of an institution than a band these days, from the blisteringly brilliant 2nd album Bleed American that rocketed them to international recognition they kind of got side swiped by the Green Day/The Offspring/Blink 182 phenomena but I gotta say for alt pop rock songwriting Jimmy Eat World slaps both of those band in the face. These Arizona boys led by Jim Adkins (principle songwriter, vocalist and guitarist) have released 6 albums (including this one).

Damage comes at you like a ‘hey we’re still here’ cry after the middling effort that was Invented. Not that Invented was all that bad – it was just amore pedestrian effort from the usually effective quartet. This independent newbie shows the boys back at what they do best 3-4 minute shamelessly catchy pop rock gems.

Assertively upbeat, shimmering pop riffs abound throughout Damage from the cracking opener of Appreciation right through to the closer You Were Good. This is stripped back recording, gone are any semblance of synthesised sounds or overdone effects, this is true rock n’ roll. Guitars, bass, drums and vocals all pumping out at you in 10 new tracks that showcase all the elements of Jimmy Eat World we know and love. Catchy riffs, catchy lyrics and high rotation accessibility.

This reminds of all the gold from Chase This Light, Bleed American and the lighter tones in Futures. This is like welcoming an old friend back into your life who you haven’t seen for a decade and you’re so happy to see. It’s such an easy listen and, as a Jimmy Eat World fan, it’s easy to crack a smile listening to this.

There’s something new yet familiar, shiny yet known, shimmering yet constant about Damage that I am glad about. If you’re missing some old school bright alt pop then you can’t go wrong here.

Jimmy Eat World it’s great to have you back. Check out the launch single, catchier than man flu, I WILL STEAL YOU BACK