Aza’s 2 Line Review – Despicable Me 2 – The Zaniest Comedy Of 2013. This Is One Wacky, Joyous & Wildly Funny Toon For Everyone!

despicable-me-2-posterDESPICABLE ME was one of those cartoons that celebrated how much fun wackiness is. Sure, it was a little bit cutesy, but much like the Madagascar flicks, it had all the elements to make it a winner. A loveable hero, minions, wacky side characters and a slapstick comedy element all wrapped up in a heartwarming story about the value of family. Oh, and did I mention ‘It’s So Fluffy I Could Die!!’ ?

3 years and millions of dollars in box office and home entertainment sales later along comes Despicable Me 2. And much like Madagascar 2 & 3 (Two of the most demented and funniest flicks of the last decade), this amped up, supercharged comedy has had its wackiness quotient quadrupled. This is by far the funniest film I’ve seen all year. It’s a bright, ridiculous, colourful and wonderfully irreverent entry that plays the smartest card you can in a cartoon – target your jokes at adults. I was in stitches most all the way through this – it’s like Pixar Meets Monty Python.

The basic plot is Gru has given up his evil ways to raise his 3 adopted daughters Agnes, Edith and Margo when he is taken captive by Lucy Wilde, a secret agent, to be enlisted to help catch a super criminal. Of course there’s a romance involved, a spectacular fight with a chicken and more than ample minion action but when you are met with a shark tied to a rocket aimed at a volcano you know you’re in for something a bit more than your everyday cartoon.

Writers Ken Daurio and Cinco Paul have crammed the script with energy that this voice cast revels in. Steve Carell, Miranda Cosgrove, Kristen Wiig, Benjamin Bratt (who replaced Al Pacino very late in the piece), Steve Coogan and Russell Brand are just some of the talent on display here having a blast.

The animation is seamless and the 3D was really effective (which is rare as 3D barely ever works on me). The work on show here is top notch and extremely detailed.

Even if you know where the story arc is going well before it starts it is more than forgiven for the plethora of sight gags, double entendres and pop culture references that are thrown at you. It’s pretty much non stop the whole way through and it’s done with such joy and vigour you can’t help but get swept up in it.

Despicable Me 2 is an absolute winner on one helluva good time for everyone!

3D DESPICABLE ME 2 releases on JUNE 20, 2013 in AUSTRALIA through UNIVERSAL PICTURES with special advance screenings this weekend.