Aussie Indie Sci-Fi Comedy Hit ‘The 25th Reich’ Releasing Across Oz! Long live Aussie Genre!

25th_ReichHere’s the press release! Yay! LONG LIVE AUSSIE GENRE!

The 25th Reich –  landing in cinemas from June 20


SEE : Giant Bloodthirsty Mosquitoes !

SEE:  Robot Nazi Spiders !

SEE:  Rampaging MegaFauna !


Monster Pictures and LABEL are thrilled to announce the long awaited local theatrical release of the Australian sci-fi/comedy THE 25th REICH – screening in selected cinemas across Australia from June 20.


After acclaim on the international cult, genre and fantasy festival circuit over the last 10 months, including the Brussels Intl Fantasy Film Festival and The PiFan Intl Fantasy Festival in South Korea, The 25th Reich is finally arriving on home turf. Shot entirely in Victoria, the maverick independent Australian film by Melbourne-based director and co-writer Stephen Amis is a rare Australian excursion into the science-fiction genre. Says Amis:  “ We always planned The 25th Reich as a pure B-Movie replica – a subversive homage to the sci-fi, Saturday afternoon serials and WW2 movies of the 1940s & 50s.”

Three years in the making, this innovative indie feature is a unique WW2 sci-fi adventure with its tongue firmly in cheek, featuring massive, high-end visual effects and a huge original orchestral score – just two elements unheard of in low budget features. Shot in and around Victoria’s Grampian Ranges, and post-produced in 6 cities around the world (Melbourne, Adelaide, St. Johns, Los Angeles, Bristol & Sydney), The 25th Reich is a retro science-fiction homage, complete with a time machine, giant mega fauna, flying saucers and futuristic Nazi-robot-spiders.

In The 25th Reich, five American GI’s stationed in Australia in 1943 are in search of the company’s missing mascot – a puma (true story) – and find themselves embroiled in a secret OSS time-travel mission that goes horribly wrong. The hapless soldiers are catapulted 50,000 years back in time, to retrieve an alien spaceship that might help the Allies win the war against Hitler (not quite a true story). Time travel, alien burial grounds, bloodthirsty mega-fauna may or may not be involved.

The 25th Reich is produced by Lynne Wilson, Stephen Amis and Tait Brady; and written by Amis, Serge Denardo and David Richardson – based on the novella by legendary pulp-novelist J.J. Solomon; with an original score by composer Ricky Edwards. Starring Jim Knobeloch, Serge Denardo, Dan Balcaban, Jak Wyld and Angelo Salamanca, the film has been entirely independently produced and financed.

The producers signed with LA-based World Sales agents Lightning Entertainment last year, who have sold the film into multiple territories including Japan, Germany, Thailand, Middle East, Benelux, Greece, China and the UK; while continuing to be invited to Festivals around the world.

Melbourne:            Cinema Nova from June 20

Adelaide:              Mercury Cinema from June 21

Sydney:              Chauvel Cinema from June 29

Brisbane:             Tribal Cinema from June 28

Hobart:             State Cinema from June 29