Game Of Thrones: How Will We Miss Thee? Let Us Count The Ways.

Game Of Thrones Character Poster 6It’s over. It’s done.

If you wanted resolution you must not have been paying attention these past 10 weeks, but hey, at least Sam and Gilly are safe and Daenerys got to crowd-surf.

Things we’ll miss most include:

1. Hating those Lannister brats just as much as we love Tyrion.
2. Wondering exactly how much gratuitous cheesecake we’ll get this week.
3. Arguing with your friends about when to watch the next episode/where to watch the next episode/why they haven’t watched the next episode yet because you need to talk about it.
4. Explaining who Stannis is. Again.
5. Wondering whether you should read the books. Deciding against it.
6. Trying to imitate Rose Leslie’s accent – ‘You know nothing Jon Snoooo!’
7. Idly wondering whether Daenerys will ever make it to, let alone across, the Narrow Sea.
8. Begging your Friends Who Have Read The Books for details of future plot developments, then screaming ‘DON’T TELL ME!’ as soon as they start talking.
9. Referring to anywhere vaguely far away as ‘North of the Wall’ and to its inhabitants as ‘wildlings’.
10. Loudly singing the theme song while wandering around the house, replacing each syllable with the word ‘meow’.

Well I’m off to weep softly into my gold brocade hanky. May you all dream sweet dreams of House Stark’s revenge and Emilia Clarke. Valar Morghulis, ya’ll.