Aussie 5 Day Weekend Box Office Round Up (Fast 6 Blitzes It For #1, Gatsby Holds Strong For #2, Still Mine Still Born, Farewell My Queen Just Ok)

Fast And Furious 6The Queens Birthday Long Weekend came in Aussies put their pedal to the metal as FAST & FURIOUS 6 (513 screens) dominated the box office grossing $11.088m for the 5 days. With a screen average of $21,614 this puppy was the #1 flick everywhere it played doing nearly triple its nearest competitor. This is also gonna come in on U.S. pro rata, with it grossing $136m in its opening week there, as Australia is gonna crack $13m on its opening 7 days. That’s the biggest weekend opening of a Fast & Furious entry ever in Australia and it should happily beat Fast Five’s $25m domestic result before it’s over.

The Great GatsbyTHE GREAT GATSBY 3D (584 screens) held up so well against Fast & Furious 6 to only drop 33% week on week for a $4.565m result for 2nd place. With a very solid screen average of $7,817 it’s another fine example of counter programming. Gatsby is still laying waste to the art house cinemas as nothing in the limited release film did any business worth noting. The film has now sailed past $14.11m domestically and we’ll be back here next weekend as it passes $17m. Anecdotally Australia, much like the rest of the world, have chosen the 2d version over the 3d option at about a 60/40 split so my sources tell me. Once I get some more hard data we’ll definitely talk 3D vs 2D take up in Australia.

The Hangover III Poster 5THE HANGOVER PART III (432 screens) takes 3rd and drops 55% week on week to take $1.952m on its 3rd weekend. Given Fast & Furious 6 took the bulk of the audience the washout had to present itself somewhere. It turned up here and the other blockbuster releases Star Trek Into Darkness and Iron Man 3. Australia has smashed U.S. pro rata with this film as we’re currently sitting on 18.22% with a domestic gross sitting on $18.589m. This entry won’t go anywhere near Part 2‘s $30m+ result and with The Internship opening Thursday it’ll take a chunk as well. With a screen average of $4,520 and declining this should finish around $22m.

stark-trek-into-darkness-banner-600x268STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS 3D (290 screens) lost the most screens week on week and still managed to hold 4th place with $606,420. That’s off 48% from last weekend and has delivered a weaker screen average of $2,091. It’s gonna be a big fight to keep this puppy on screens this week with The Internship, After Earth & Despicable Me 2 (sneaks) coming in with a screen average like that. The current gross is sitting at $15.39m, which is about $800k shy of the 2009 entry and this one is going to finish up around $15.8m. I’m hoping for $16m!!!

Iron Man 3 IMAXIRON MAN 3 3D (168 screens) rounds out the top 5 with $425,722 , 50% off from last weekend and a $2,534 screen average. With a current gross sitting at $38.8m it’s not gonna get to $40m now but damn she’s gonna go close. Tony should creep past $39.1m before bowing out but again faces a big ol’ fight to stay on screens this week.


Being that positions 7-10 on the mainstream leader board are all limited releases it tells you that there were only 3 films that Australia was really interested in this week – Fast & Furious 6, The Great Gatsby 3D and The Hangover Part 3.

yeh-jawaani-hai-deewani-8-sYEH JAWAANI HAI DEWAANI (15 screens) held out the top spot with the 2nd highest screen average in the country delivering $7,986 per screen and a $119,797 result. That brings the Hindi films gross to $501,611 – which would have to be the highest grossing Indian film release in Australia this year.

Still MineSTILL MINE (40 screens) had a disastrous bow for 6th place on the limited charts with a $51,955 result off 40 screens. That’s a screen average of $1,299 – disaster. This is solely due to two things. Firstly, this should never have been released in The Great Gatsby release frame, there was never a chance this would’ve swayed the grey rinse against the bright lights and big sparkle of Baz Luhrmann’s film. The other problem here is that the film went far too wide. 40 screens on a James Cromwell led old people flick? This should’ve been 15 top end in select upscales. It’s great the film received such support but that’s really going to sting Umbrella. All eyes on Patrick now!

farewellmyqueenFAREWELL, MY QUEEN (7 screens) also fell victim to The Great Gatsby, costume drama vs costume drama, to bring its opening weekend in at $31,700. Even under that might it still turned in an ok screen average of $4,529 – a targeted and select release strategy that saved it from being a complete disaster. This flick has been a long time coming in Australia and it’ll get halved this weekend coming and slip quietly into home entertainment land later in the year.


Figures from MPDAA


Rank Film Week Dist Weekend Box Screens Sc Avg Lifetime Diff Last Week
1 FAST AND FURIOUS 6 1 UNI $11,088,061 513 $21,614 $11,289,659 NEW
2 THE GREAT GATSBY 3D 2 RDS $4,565,338 584 $7,817 $14,110,041 -33%
3 THE HANGOVER PART III 3 RDS $1,952,793 432 $4,520 $18,589,539 -55%
4 STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS 3D 5 PAR $606,420 290 $2,091 $15,390,868 -48%
5 IRON MAN 3 3D 7 DIS $425,722 168 $2,534 $38,805,073 -50%
6 THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES 5 RDS $136,428 73 $1,869 $2,596,329 -30%
7 YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI 2 ERO $119,797 15 $7,986 $501,611 -55%
8 NATIONAL THEATRE LIVE: THIS HOUSE 1 SHA $95,338 31 $3,075 $95,338 NEW
9 THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST 3 RIA $91,393 25 $3,656 $406,574 -8%
10 YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA 2 1 IND $84,004 21 $4,000 $84,004 NEW


Rank Film Week Dist Weekend Box Screens Sc Avg Lifetime Diff Last Week
1 YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI 2 ERO $119,797 15 $7,986 $501,611 -55%
2 NATIONAL THEATRE LIVE: THIS HOUSE 1 SHA $95,338 31 $3,075 $95,338 NEW
3 THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST 3 RIA $91,393 25 $3,656 $406,574 -8%
4 YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA 2 1 IND $84,004 21 $4,000 $84,004 NEW
5 HAPPINESS NEVER COMES ALONE 2 MAD $64,619 20 $3,231 $217,248 -4%
6 STILL MINE 1 UMB $51,955 40 $1,299 $51,955 NEW
7 FAREWELL, MY QUEEN 1 TRA $31,700 7 $4,529 $150,603 NEW
8 TABU 4 PAL $27,735 13 $2,133 $374,888 -31%
9 EVIL DEAD 5 SON $23,568 13 $1,813 $392,235 -36%
10 THE HUNT 6 MAD $20,834 18 $1,157 $523,456 -18%