Aussie Weekend Box Office Round Up May 30 – June 2, 2013 (The Great Gatsby Scores Big & Kills The Arthouses, The Hangover Part III Sails Past $15.6m, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Owns The National Screen Average)

The Great GatsbyThere was little doubt that THE GREAT GATSBY 3D (587 screens) was going to own the box office, if anything Baz Luhrmann is the most consistent box office deliverer for an Australian director, but the real mettle was to see just how much is was going to clobber U.S. pro rata. With an impressive screen average of $11,567, the 2nd highest in the country, the Australian pro rata result came in at 13.55% – bang! Great result. But it didn’t come without its casualties. Being that it went out on 587 screens, GATSBY was on every mainstream and art house screen in the country and it’s in the art houses where it did the most damage. With only only limited release title cracking over $100k, GATSBY annihilated everything across the limited release spectrum with the exception of THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST and EVIL DEAD. Scroll down to the limited box office top 10 and you will see exactly what I mean – check out the drop offs. GATSBY should happy sail into the $23-$25m before it taps out here.

The Hangover III Poster 1THE HANGOVER PART III (499 screens) showed that even with a 51% drop from last weekend the franchise finisher has legs by dragging in another $4.37m. A sturdy screen average of $8,753 has brought the cumulative total to $15.66m nationally which places this puppy squarely in the $24m range for life. Competition is coming in the form of FAST & FURIOUS 6 this week and THE INTERNSHIP the week after.

star-trek-into-darkness-poster1-405x600STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS 3D (392 screens) holds onto 3rd with its 4th consecutive week earning over $1m. With a $1.1m haul its off 36% from last week and the films screen average has slipped to a modest $2,977 (it lost almost all of its 3D screens to GATSBY). STAR TREK has now grossed $14.45m life so far which is a little softer than I had expected considering how genuinely entertaining it is and that the reviews are stellar. Can it get to the $16m that the 2009 entry posted here? I hope so but man Captain Kirk and his crew have their work cut out for them as FAST & THE FURIOUS 6 is days away and it’s going to smash it.

Iron Man 3 IMAX3D IRON MAN 3 (180 screens) holds onto 4th for its 6th week in release on $847,472. Falling 31% week on week it’s still posting a solid $4,708 screen average as the flick sails past $38.1m nationally. It’s gonna be a fight this week for screen space against FF6 but having said that its gonna go might close to $40m before it gets ripped off screens and it’ll claim the title of the highest grossing release of 2013.

yeh-jawaani-hai-deewani-8-sYEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI(16 screens) took out 5th spot with $267,920 and took out the #1 spot for the national screen average title with $16,745. Given that the difference between 4th place and 5th is $600k it tells you that the audience was really only interested in 3 mainstream releases and this puppy is a perfect example of how strong the Indian cinema goers are to their topline products. Its a great result for EROS ENTERTAINMENT and this is the sort of figure that can be earned when Hindi/Punjabi films aren’t released on top of each other (which has become so common place over the last 12 months).


The Reluctant FundamentalistTHE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST (30 screens) held strong in its 2nd frame falling only 25% to generate $99,537k. A $3,318 screen average is a modest result which will see it sharing this week everywhere its playing. Considering the historical performance of films with this subject its a great result for Rialto as it has just crossed $280k life.

Happiness Never Comes AloneHAPPINESS NEVER COMES ALONE (19 screens) opens with a really disappointing $67,191. This is a GATSBY casualty – the date killed it. To go out against it was a ballsy move and this French old school romantic comedy simply couldn’t get a strong enough foothold. An opening weekend screen average of $3,536 doesn’t bode well for full sessions week 2 and once you start hacking sessions you lose opportunity. It’s a pity cause this is a really fun, incredibly cheesy flick that deserved a stronger result.


Figures From MPDAA


Rank Film Week Dist Weekend Box Screens Sc Avg Lifetime Diff Last Week
1 3D THE GREAT GATSBY 1 RDS $6,789,897 587 $11,567 $7,223,120 new
2 THE HANGOVER PART III 2 RDS $4,367,878 499 $8,753 $15,663,131 -51%
3 3D STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS 4 PAR $1,167,025 392 $2,977 $14,448,264 -36%
4 3D IRON MAN 3 6 DIS $847,472 180 $4,708 $38,101,996 -31%
5 YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI 1 ERO $267,920 16 $16,745 $267,920 new
6 THE CALL 3 RDS $254,596 159 $1,601 $2,001,669 -38%
7 THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES 4 RDS $193,702 67 $2,891 $2,401,785 -39%
8 SNITCH 3 STU $163,075 133 $1,226 $1,552,496 -48%
9 3D THE CROODS 10 FOX $134,922 126 $1,071 $24,936,743 1%
10 A HAUNTED HOUSE 1 TRA $117,325 82 $1,431 $117,325 new


Rank Film Week Dist Weekend Box Screens Sc Avg Lifetime Diff Last Week
1 YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI 1 ERO $267,920 16 $16,745 $267,920 new
2 THE RELUCTANT FUNDAMENTALIST 2 RIA $99,537 30 $3,318 $280,225 -25%
3 HAPPINESS NEVER COMES ALONE 1 MAD $67,191 19 $3,536 $129,095 new
4 TABU 3 PAL $40,138 15 $2,676 $332,767 -43%
5 EVIL DEAD 4 SON $36,659 16 $2,291 $350,763 -20%
6 JATTS IN GOLMAAL 2 IND $29,580 12 $2,465 $149,358 -57%
7 THE HUNT 5 MAD $25,319 26 $974 $492,466 -46%
8 SPRING BREAKERS 4 ICO $20,809 16 $1,301 $633,810 -60%
9 BROKEN 3 CUR $12,261 7 $1,752 $98,172 -52%
10 THE OTHER SON 7 CUR $11,820 6 $1,970 $421,977 -44%