‘Blade Runner’ Sequel & Prequels In The Works.

220px-Blade_Runner_posterOk so I’m gonna get shot and say I don’t get what all the fuss over BLADE RUNNER is. It never resonated with me as much as it has for film fans worldwide. But much like the other revisit that Ridley Scott did with PROMETHEUS, the BLADE RUNNER franchise is getting a sequel and the guys over at ALCON ENTERTAINMENT are behind the film.

GREEN LANTERN screenwriter Michael Green has been hired to write the sequel (that’s the first sign to put your hazard lights on) and rumour has it that Harrison Ford may appear in a small role.

RIDLEY SCOTT spent a bit of time during the PROMETHEUS pre-launch campaign talking about this sequel and the franchise as a whole so this isn’t new news – but its gathering momentum.

There is also talk of prequels and possible interative and television addtions to the film as well.